DM SYSTEMS: DeliveringUnsurpassed andSuperior Information Technology Services

While there are varied ways in which we can protect sensitive information, there is still no magic bullet. Simple technical options are available for digital security that ranges from substituting https for http when accessing websites (this adds a layer of encryption); to using a programme that generates very hard-to-break passwords.

More complex options include using encryption software and customizing settings on tools and services. Also, there are old-fashioned techniques like using codes to communicate and store information.The difficulty is developing a workable strategy for digital privacy and security.

Enter, DM Systems to the rescue. DM Systems is a premium partner for Cyber Security & Unified Storage of leading IT Technology OEM’s. They have the capability to design, deploy, implement and monitor information life-cycle management at end-points within networks.

A Determined Foresight led to the Dynamism of DM Systems

DM Systems could foresee that after the internet bubble burst, a new wave will eventually rise enabling data generation and automation. The assumption that all this information generation will require some sort of protection and security measures led them to explore the technologies which can be adopted and can be marketed to SME’s.

DM Systems consistently delivers unsurpassed, superior Information Technology services from the initial concept, analysis, and design, through the implementation, training, and day-to-day support and management. They focus on their commitment to ensure customer satisfaction by rewarding quality work, the sharing of knowledge, and the growth of professional competency for sustainable profitability.

An Assemblage of Varied Products & Services

DM Systems mainly provides services in Perimeter Security, Endpoint security, Secure Wifi and access control, Security Monitoring and Analytics, ATP and Malware protection, Data classification and protection, Information Rights Management, scale out and scale up enterprise storage, virtualized and hyper-converged along with traditional infra, cloud based stacks from Microsoft Azure, AWS and Co-lo DC partners, Back-up and DR Archiving.

A Pragmatic and InfluentialLeader

DK Bajaj, Managing Director of DM Systems, is a calculated risk taker, pragmatic leader and a realist who seems to grasp ideas holistically whilst still taking note of the more acute details.

The north Indian IT industries have known DK for 24 years. He has worked for more than a decade in senior management positions with India’s leading auto & manufacturing companies. During that period, he mastered COBOL& ORACLE and worked on almost every version that existed. DK Bajaj, a software person with ‘UNIX’ running in his veins, had initiated and automated various Govt. projects.

During late 90’s, he ventured into the web and online business which became a solid competitor in Indian market. The company had its own infrastructure for web hosting. He also started web application development and built an early version of portals that we see today like Automotive, Job, and other Classified Portals. As web took a huge plunge the company was sold to a UK firm and thus DM Systems was seeded along with his brother Amit Bajaj.

Tackling Administrative & Technological Challenges

Challenges have been a part of DM Systems’ journey for the last 16 years. Despite several shifts in tech echo system, both their directors proved competent in steering the financial, administrative and tech challenges proficiently.

They attribute their success to the people who have worked and are working with them, to the customers who demand the push and to their Tech-OEM’s, who has been the most supportive in challenging situations.

The Ever-changing Tech Industry Scenario

Change is the only constant; hence the velocity and the pace will have to be maintained.

Nowadays,the business landscape is characterized by the ever changing trends and events that happen with such rapidness that they take most business leaders by surprise. Seeing the high turnover of ideas and fads, it is not a surprise that companies’ and their offerings in terms of products and services took anosedive, to click in the market more often than not.

Given this background, it is quite obvious for business leaders to often throw up their hands in despair at this flux and uncertainty that affects the way their companies operate. Hence, it would be rational to say that, the only constant in this century is the change and companies and the leaders who lead them should be prepared to deal with change that is rapid and sudden at the same time.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

Bajaj advices budding entrepreneurs to not to lose their heart perceiving the changes in the industry. Staying determined and focused towards paving your own way towards success is really important. Never march along on the already beaten track; it always leads to someone else’s success. Instead innovate and implement your ideas and arise as a leader, whom the world would look up to.

What Future Holds for DM Systems?

DM Systems believes that they might come out trumps as partner of choice in managed security services. They aim to become a trusted partner for security analytics along with tech obsolescence, pace and velocity.

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