Interra Information Technology: Achieving Triumph with Every Completion

The IT scenario in India is becoming more complex and demanding due to a number of factors that include market and economy fluctuations, emergence of new technologies like clouds and analytics, and competition from other parts of the world like East European countries, Latin America, China, Sri Lanka etc, for offshore outsourcing. And this has made enterprises focus on “value for money” more than anything.
Understanding this need, Interra Information Technology (InterraIT) Inc was conceptualized in September 1996 and began its Indian operations from the home of its President and Managing Director, Asoke K. Laha in New Delhi, India. Today InterraIT is one of the leading global software consulting services companies catering to Fortune 500 and 1000 companies worldwide. It offers a large team of certified professionals skilled in diverse technologies, products and business domains, ready to deliver anywhere across the globe. InterraIT is globally headquartred in San Jose, US with two world class development centres in Noida and India.
Offering Unparalleled Scope of Services
InterraIT offers an unparalleled scope of services ranging from consulting in strategic applications of Information Technology, to systems design, development, integration and outsourcing. The company focuses on working collaboratively with its customers to develop innovative technology solutions that meet their functional needs and business objectives.
InterraIT works 24×7 to provide the most cost effective and maximum quality centric services to their clients. Headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, InterraIT works in a broad variety of domains and verticals. InterraIT’s operations are spread across 5 countries, with a sales network spanning the United States, Canada, Europe, India and Japan. The company has two world class development centers in India – Noida and Kolkata.
Their technical expertise in the mobile domain coupled with knowledge and experience of enterprise solutions and telecom provides end-to-end solution to address all technical needs of customers. Armed with their expert professionals, the company is able to handle any requirement in the mobile domain.
A Vast Experienced Professional Leading from the Front
Mr. Laha started his career as a software developer in the United States and later moved into general management. He worked for the Multinational US corporations, e.g. GTE, Digital Equipment Corporation and Cadence.
During his tenure at Cadence, he was sent to India as an expatriate to build Cadence India as Managing Director. During his association with Cadence India, he transformed the company from scratch into a successful premier respected organization.
He was the National President of Indo American Chamber of Commerce in 2014-15 and has held various responsibilities and positions in different important business and professional associations.
He chose to start a company in Information Technology and more particularly, software because his long career and commitment have gone into IT industry only. He wanted to help global clients in new technologies with the benefit of his own knowledge and experience as well as other bright people whom he collected on his journey to success and thus, started the voyage of InterraIT.
Mr. Laha has completed Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical and Communications from Jadavpur University, India and Masters of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Science from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He also completed his Graduate studies  from Northwestern University, USA. He has published a number of articles in IEEE Transactions and IEE Proceedings as well.
Carries Team and Clients Along in the Journey
The biggest challenge for InterraIT was to maintain their global quality standard at competitive cost to the global clients. The repeated economic slowdowns and emerging technologies made the challenge sharper and harder, but InterraIT carried its team and clients along with it on the journey and proved themselves as a sincere, service- oriented, entirely technology-driven company in the market. A number of reasons have contributed in making InterraIT, a global leader, such as transparent and employee sympathetic human resource policies, unswerving commitment to quality and the clients, and a very strong and dynamic R&D.
“Be Realistic, Determined and Extremely Focused”
“To be realistic, determined and extremely focused on the objectives and the areas of work. Of course funding, HR and positioning would be very important too, but if an entrepreneur concentrates on his or her destination and follows a well thought out strategy, the rest should fall at their places in time. Another thing is that an entrepreneur needs to have a lot of patience and perseverance in store. There are bound to be hiccups, unexpected roadblocks and challenges in galore,” advises Mr. Laha to the young entrepreneurs.
Never Swaying from the Core Philosophy      
InterraIT is strategically working on a phased scale up in terms of technology and quality. Their focus in the coming years will be in areas like clouds, mobile applications, Internet of Things, analytics and anything that comes up as a fast, cost effective, robust solution for helping the bottom line and operational competence of their clients. Nevertheless, InterraIT will continue to deliver, staying true to their mission of turning ideas into reality and never swaying from their core philosophy of customer satisfaction that has made InterraIT an entity that delivers quality for every requirement.

Source :- The 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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