Secugenius: Protecting Data, Information, Businesses and Dignity from Prominent Cyber Attacks

The world around us is rapidly increasing in networks from personal life to professional services to government infrastructure. And protecting all these networks around us has only become mandatory. It has been found in many organizations that personal user information, credit card information, email accounts, etc. are compromised. Moreover, the cyber criminals in some companies are involved in financial frauds to steal money from several accounts in one go and carry out industrial espionage. In some extreme cases, they even take over the company’s computer system and demand ransom money to unlock them (Ransomware). Cyber Space is a creation of human beings, but the security of this Cyber Space is no longer a matter of choice. One way or the other, we have to deal with this issue seriously and in advance, which means we have to be a step ahead of the hackers, not vice versa, which is the unfortunate scenario in today’s digital world.
Enters Secugenius helping businesses fight cybercrime, protect data, and reduce security risk.It provides security solutions to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to help them streamline administration, improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, combat competition effectively, enlarge market share and facilitate overall growth.
Assessing the Risk and Providing Cyber-Security
Secugenius is an IT Risk Assessment company and a Digital Security Services provider with a team of security experts, ethical hackers and researchers. The company provides a trusted standard of cyber security for companies that need to protect their brands and businesses from different kinds of cyber-attacks. They enable the establishments to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs.
At Secugenius, they know how to watch over the unethical people from getting to the sensitive places in the client’s computing infrastructure. Their sole focus is to assess the risk and provide security to the IT infrastructure of the client. By concentrating on assessing the risk and providing security to the client, Secugenius has built a reputation for high quality, excellence, and merit.
At present, Secugenius delivers its services in three segments-
Consultation: Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Web App Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Social Engineering, Malware Analysis and Source Code Review.
Engagement: System Hardening, Security Consultancy Workshop, SIEM Implementation and SOC.
Remediation: Incident Response, Financial Fraud Risk Management and Digital Forensics.
An Entrepreneur ‘Who is Nice to his Friends and Nicer to Enemies’
The Founder and Director of Secugenius, Kshitij Adhlakha is someone who is nice to his friends and even nicer to his enemies. He is an entrepreneur, author, international speaker & cyber expert with over six years of experience in the education sector and expertise in handling the projects of Information Security. He is a solution-provider and a result-oriented professional with notable success in planning, directing and supporting the execution of a broad range of corporate IT initiatives.
Kshitij has authored a book titled, “Security Breached- Security Beyond Hacking”. He has also published research papers on “Email hacking” & “Steganography” at national level and has written articles for several national newspapers and magazines as well. Technology is something which has driven Kshitij’s interest from the beginning and with the rise in Cyber-crimes; he has made it his objective to make India free of Cyber Crime.
A Roller Coaster Ride
Most of the time, companies act reactively towards Cyber-attacks, but that is an afterthought. The biggest challenge for Secugenius was to convince people about taking security measures proactively and be prepared for the cyber-attacks even before they crop up. And to cater that, they have been conducting regular awareness drives, email campaigns, showing case studies so that people can take cyber security in advance. Another challenge was to get the giant companies to their list of clients. They had to perform POC, for every important client to make them realize the actual strengths and vulnerabilities of their web/network infrastructure before finally getting the contract. Despite these challenges, Secugenius managed to emerge as a winner. Their journey has always been a roller coaster ride; things still move swiftly with countless ups and downs. However, even when things were budging rapidly, they learned the art of working with patience and endurance under tremendous pressure.
Priceless Support of People
“I have been lucky enough to get the invaluable support of my parents, peers, and teachers. My parents provided me the best of education; my teachers believed in me and provided me the wisdom to cultivate my strengths and deal with my weaknesses; and my friends were always there to share the joys of my success and deal with the exasperations of my failures. An important part of my life is my brother Vaibhav, without whom, I cannot enjoy the fruits of success in my otherwise busy life,” attributes Kshitij.
Investing in Cyber-Security before Thinking about Anything
According to Kshitij, the young entrepreneurs these days are very enthusiastic about getting their business online without taking proper security measure for their computing systems. What they need is to invest in cyber-security even before they think of developing software, application, or website for their enterprise. Moreover, the youngsters have a tendency to commit unachievable goals to the society, which makes people keep higher expectations from them. “I would suggest the adolescents of today to under commit and over deliver to make a dent in the lives of people, positively of course. The society will then remember them as someone who came out of nowhere and left a constructive impact on their respective industry,” Kshitij advises the young entrepreneurs.
Glorious Days Ahead for Secugenius
In the time to come, a wide range of industry specific solutions are expected from Secugenius. They have always made sure of providing tailor-made and cost-effective solutions to every client and they will continue to do so. They are also working on developing a community of cyber-security professionals with domain specific expertise.

Source :- The 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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