World Phone Internet Services: India’s Premier VoIP Solutions Provider

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fusion and evolution of the Internet and the telephone. Any computer connected to the web has the ability to connect or “talk” to any other web connected computer by using its unique IP address.
Back in 2000, people in India were yet to be fully aware about the importance of VoIP (Internet Telephony). VSNL was privatized and licenses were issued to other private players to enter this segment. It wasn’t that easy for a new player to enter into this industry and reach the top of everything. But there was one person who saw an immense opportunity in the Internet space, given the size of India and made it possible, Mr. Aditya  Ahluwalia, Founder and Chairman of World Phone Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sensing what the future enterprises and customers would want, he led category “A” Internet Telephony Service, World Phone Internet Services Pvt. Ltd., to be one of the pioneers in exploring the internet telephony space in India.
Bringing World Standard Communication in India
Headquartered in New Delhi, India, World Phone is India’s premier VoIP solutions provider and one of the most significant players in Internet Services. World Phone provides a clear edge in services ranging from Internet bandwidth, Internet Telephony (VoIP) and related services for corporate as well as domestic users.
Backed by the US based multinational TI Investment Services and licensed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, World Phone brings communication commensurate with world standards to India. They provide Enterprise Internet Solutions, Retail broadband Internet solutions,call center solutions, IP PBX solutions and VoIP call solutions to over 30 countries-at ISD call rates less than a rupee.
Supported by superior technology, World Phone is a leading and the most trusted high speed internet & VoIP provider among franchises which delivers services with high speed, exceptional clarity and flawless connectivity. At World Phone, they offer a simple and dependable technology that supports its clients at all times. Backed by constant innovations and a 24×7 customer support, a World Phone connection will ensure that you are connected to the world seamlessly.
A Veteran Leading the Expedition
A veteran in the telecommunication, media and Information Technology field with professional career spanning more than 25 years, Mr. Ahluwalia has been an achiever throughout his life. His formidable knowledge and contacts in the Telecom & IT space are the result of decades of hands-on experience in this area.
After completing his degree in Economics with honors from Delhi University, he joined the Center for Development of Information Technology (a UNDP affiliate) in its Data Base Laboratory. He left in 1985 as Sr. Manager of its Knowledge Engineering Laboratory to start his own business.
At a very young age while working there he represented India in Data Base Management Conferences in United Nations. He set up his own advertising and marketing consulting organization to such firms as American Express, Citibank, Sony Corp, Gillette and many major Indian corporations.
In 1992, he was approached by Hong Kong Telecom International (HKTI) to be its exclusive representative in India. Since then Mr. Ahluwalia has been actively involved in the telecommunication field working with all major telecom carriers including AT&T, MCI, Telstra, Teleglobe, IDT, Telia, HKTI, Cable & Wireless and VSNL.
In 1997, he moved to New York to set up the telecom business in the US, acquired companies in US, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Indonesia, Guatemala and Taiwan. Currently he is focused on his India operations.
The Journey filled with Ups and Downs
While World Phone is leading the industry with stride, the journey has been full of challenges with ups and downs like any journey tends to be, but indeed it has been an extremely satisfying one. Being one of the first movers in this area, one of the biggest challenges have been educating the customer and dealing with the bureaucracy. Being an internet service provider, is still a licensed activity regulated by the Govt. of India. Despite these challenges, World Phone is standing top of everything.
Constantly Innovating and Reinventing
Over the years World Phone has reinvented itself from being primarily an internet telephony provider to being a major player as an internet service provider. They attribute the success to two major factors: Their dedicated, loyal and a creative team and their customer base who demand the best from them, helping them to constantly innovate and reinvent.
Mr Ahluwalia believes that it is a little disappointing as no major technology company has emerged from India. “This can only change if the Govt. further de-regularizes the technology industry, removes restrictions on inflow of capital and provides a level playing field to all companies,” he suggests.
Awaiting Future of New Dawn
Upcoming times will see World Phone continues to adapt and change to meet market demands. They understand that the technology space is constantly changing and innovating, and they have the vision & resources to turn each of these changes and challenges to their advantage.
At present, only 8% of Indian households are connected by fixed broadband in India. When we compare this with 80% of the U.S., we realize the potential waiting to be unlocked. Unbundling of last mile connectivity will provide more competition and will be greatly advantageous to the customer, and this will only also result in a level playing field for World Phone.

Source :- The 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

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