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Siddharth Hosangadi | Founder | GoPush Consulting LLP [Sales Training]
Siddharth Hosangadi | Founder | GoPush Consulting LLP

For any start-up that envisions consistent growth and success, alongside an innovative business model, the qualities of perseverance, integrity and expertise are prerequisites. Instilling these qualities within the organizational culture always aids a business to thrive in a cutthroat global market. Not only do such organizations experience a significant growth, but they also set an example for others to be inspired from.
Considering these aspects, in our continuous endeavour to seek and exhibit innately innovative organizations, we at Insights Success, have had the privilege of crossing paths with GoPush Consulting LLP, a premier Sales Training, Consulting and Partnering Organisation for the Information Technology Industry.
GoPush Consulting, established in 2016, is an organisation conceived from the dream of its Founder, Siddharth Hosangadi, to leverage his rich Sales experience and learnings to create outstanding, sustainable success for small and midsize IT Companies through Sales, Training, Consulting & Partnering interventions.
Throughout his career, Siddharth faced multiple challenges which often were extremely difficult to overcome and clear guidance in such situations was not always available. As a result, achieving sales success required extreme efforts, was subject to mistakes and took significant time.
Through GoPush, Siddharth aims to help companies and individuals to benefit from his experiences and learnings, and quickly overcome their challenges to achieve superlative success.
Early Challenges
In the company’s early days, the challenge was to define the right Sales Consulting offerings to take to market, establish a basic website and create the right kind of buzz about the company. Due to his credentials, it was not difficult for Siddharth to get the initial interest from clients. Various friends and ex-colleagues from the industry also helped with introductions and even basic stuff like NDA and Contract formats. Based on the discussions with potential clients, three offerings were carved out viz.

  1. Advisory & Consulting
  2. Training & Coaching
  3. Sales Partnering & Execution

The first few prospects were varied; from SAP partners to niche software product companies. It was a challenge to decide which clients to work with since there were opportunities from competing companies. Based on a variety of factors, the first few clients for GoPush were an SAP services company, a Legal compliance software firm and a company which made software for the PE and VC industry.
Offering Distinction
GoPush Consulting offers customized solutions to improve Sales performance for the Information Technology Industry. The organization understands that every company is unique, and that every sales professional isn’t alike, which means that their needs are different, and a single approach cannot be applied to different companies or persons. Which is why it believes in deeply understanding its client’s business situation, customers & go to market strategy, mingling with their Sales teams, and seeing them in action before proposing its custom solutions. Therefore, whether GoPush proposes a consulting approach to modify an existing Sales process or strategy, or a partnering approach to take clients’ products & services to market, or a Training intervention to upskill an existing Sales team, one can count on it for building up a relevant and valuable proposition.
While sharing his opinion on what is required by a start-up for success in the Consulting industry, Siddharth states, The most important aspects of success in the Consulting industry are excellent listening skills, clear expectation setting and single-minded focus on customer success. To grow, one needs to create differentiated and scalable productized offerings, which is the current focus area of GoPush Consulting.”
Surpassing Challenges
GoPush has been focused primarily on the IT Industry. The main challenge it has faced is resistance to change; from clients for process change from its own clients as well as the customers of its clients. Clients are always willing to execute on advice for sales growth if it doesn’t involve process change. This is all the more evident in larger companies. GoPush has helped its clients manage these transitions sensitively to avoid resistance at the ground level. It has also seen resistance from end customers to engage with smaller companies, which is where the personal credentials and relationships of Siddharth have been useful to overcome this.
When asked about how the rapid change of pace in the volatile technology industry affects GoPush’s business, Siddharth states, “Every fresh wave of advancement in the technology industry actually creates new opportunities for GoPush as it allows us to quickly digest the changes and suggest innovative ways of leveraging them to improve Sales performance. For instance, the shift to Cloud, and new technologies like IOT and Blockchain need a change in mindset of promoters as well as their sales team in terms of how to not just survive but thrive amidst these changes.”
What’s Next
Asked about the future potential of doing business in Maharashtra, Siddharth states, Maharashtra is home to thousands of Small and Midsize IT product and services companies, and has the largest market for such companies, with an excellent infrastructure for them to operate in, as well as a steady stream of engineering and MBA students from top notch colleges. Thus it is a fertile ground for these companies to grow their business operations, which in turn translates into excellent market potential for GoPush Consulting.
Siddharth’s vision of the next ten years for GoPush includes growing the Training and Coaching business while expanding into allied Consulting services like HR, Marketing and Business Strategy to establish the company as a premier Business Consulting firm, with operations in India, APAC and the Middle East.
To learn more about GoPush and its offerings, connect with Siddharth or visit

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