Ensign Insurance Brokers: Delivering Trustworthy Insurance Services

Anantha Rama Krishnan, CEO , Ensign Insurance Brokers | Insights Success | Business magazine in India

This exceptional journey talks about a few visionaries who wanted to make a splash in the insurance world. The aspiration to make a positive difference in society and deliver customer-centric insurance services is what this journey is all about! Ensign Insurance – one of the trusted brokers for life and general insurance in India
With a vision to be the most trusted and preferred broker both to Insurers and client in the Market, a group visionaries with great experience in the field of finance and insurance came together and founded Ensign Insurance Brokers. Anantha Rama Krishnan. S, CEO of the company is charting the course for the future of the company. The key management team of ensign insurance brings with them the years of acumen and professionalism in the business.
In July 2017, the company started its journey as a Broker in Life and General Insurance in catering requirements of both individuals and corporate clients and has registered growth in revenue of over 100%. Since then, the company has garnered the trust of numerous retail and commercial customers in the insurance sector. Ensign Insurance has bagged many awards from various reputed insurance companies. On account of its outstanding services, the company has won an award in its first operational year. The company consistently integrates quality, integrity, and transparency across all its business activities thereby adding real value to both client and insurers.
Diversified Insurance Services
With the aim to make a positive difference in the insurance sector, the company is offering life and general insurance services to the clients. The company also offers exclusive after sales services. The company brings fair discussions and activities to the table in the most transparent way. It is providing insurance services comprising of motor policies, health, personal accident, travel and many more. The company’s services also include numerous corporate insurance such as property insurance, marine insurance, liability insurance, engineering insurance, employee benefits insurance, miscellaneous insurance, etc.
Walk an Extra mile for Customers
Customer service is the only way to excel in the business. The company understands the importance of staying connected with the client and accordingly provides maximum ways for the client to reach them. The company is at the forefront of using technology in its services. It is working on a few applications which can guide the client to choose the best available insurance solutions for their requirements. Since inception, the company has been able to retain their trust and win their confidence in a remarkably differentiated way.
 “We understand the pulse of the customer better and offer exclusive solutions to customers. We bring to table the fair discussions and act in the most transparent way and in time. We offer best of the After-Sale Services”, says the CEO.
Keeping Pace with Industry Dynamics
The beauty of the Insurance industry in India is its dynamism. The dynamics of the Indian insurance sector is changing at an amazing pace. It has become mandatory to keep updated with these changes. It is also vital to keep the clients aware of the same, so that they can be adequately prepared, both morally and financially. In this sector certain segment of the distribution forces are still not thoroughly updated about the changes. This has a direct impact on the relationship with the client. Ensign Insurance is dedicated to keeping pace with industry volatility and tries best to keep its clients abreast about it. The company prominently trains the team to keep pace with these changes so that they can confidently take on the market and help more and more clients.
In the insurance sector, customer awareness is of paramount importance. Ensign insurance follows a thorough engagement process with the client starting from understanding business and its risk perspective thereby suggesting the right solutions. The company helps its clients on all matters related to identifying the suitable policies, appropriate add on covers, fixing the right sum insured, finalizing basis of sum insured, Dos & Don’ts during the currency of policy and when the loss or damage happens, etc. Ensign Insurance has successfully managed to overcome the challenges that come in its path with a customer-centric approach.
The Road Ahead
Technology has been a key driver in a number of ways right from promotional to sales and customer service at the time most crucial hour i.e. claims servicing. Increased participation of private companies brought in a lot of good things including customer as a major focus than anything else.  This has largely led to various innovative products in a different segment.  This has also brought innovation in distribution and has helped the penetration of insurance in rural areas. The private players have brought in a paradigm shift in the way insurance is looked at.
Progressing forward with the positive approach, ensign insurance is focusing on both retail and corporate segments. The company is focusing more on specialized types of policies where there is a void in terms of customer education or customer service or where the type of cover in itself is quite complex.  Over a period of time, the company’s goal is to extend its footprints into Risk Engineering in a bigger way and Reinsurance, etc.

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