EQUATIONS WORK: Delivering Plethora of Streamlined Technology Solutions for Industry Optimization


In India, the Information Technology is very brisky and reviving by spreading its involvement over various sectors be it education, farming, health-hospitality, research-development, weather-environment, communication, banking, travel, or share-marketing. Adoption of new technologies for business optimization is now the core agenda of every business. Whereas there is an equal opportunity for both early adopters of emerging technologies, only the thought-leaders and quality service providers in the area will be able to make a dent in the markets.
Equations Work was incepted 7 years ago by understanding this context for delivering business solutions across various industries such as Engineering, Transportation, Aviation, Retail, and Hi-Tech with its IoT, Web, VR, and Mobile expertise. The company predominantly offers services for the Business Intelligence and User Experience domains which throw an extraordinary impression of the company on today’s tech world. Today, the company is a preferred vendor for some of the top Fortune companies across the world.
Along with the Technology Services portfolio the founders of Equations Work have been investing in various product startups to enhance the growth and its recent investments include a New York-based Security compliance agency, a Pune-based core Banking Software Company, as well as a Home Automation Company, etc.
Intellectual and Competent Leaders
Vishal Adsool & Satish Suryawanshi, are the two passionate and tech-savvy Co-founders of the company who have a vast experience of more than a decade in the IT industry. Their phenomenal technical and business acumen have accompanied Equations Work to bring a standard approach in the era of technology. Under their effective leadership, the company has shown a prosperous growth in terms of revenue and headcounts which has crafted Equations Work as one of the fastest growing technology organization.
Offering Diverse IT Solutions under the Same Crown
Equations Work holds a conspicuous vision to stand as a prominent technology partner for the product companies through its unique services. The company offers distinct solutions for the diverse segments such as mobility, product engineering, quality, data, and business productivity. Equations Work also delivers the state-of-the-art mobile applications as well as the advanced testing plans as per its client’s requirements. As the company’s primary focus has always been on BI, it deals with Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, MongoDB, and the diverse array of business intelligence techniques. Equations Work possesses a well-trained team of experts assisting effectively to provide subtle business solutions for the product development.
Equations Work has also been performing indomitably in the technical era with dedication in delivering advanced technical services to surpass its customer’s expectations. The company’s customer-centric approach has helped some of the successful startups set their Tech Excellence Centers through Equations Work in India.
Challenges are the Stepping Stones to Victory
Starting from a scratch seems to be quite tough at times but it is the only stage which paves one’s path to accomplish the goals. Likewise, Equations Work started its journey with a small business setup. With their consistent and hardworking team, the company made their way through the number of challenges such as attracting quality clients, recruiting suitable candidates for the required profiles, and more during the initial days of the company.
Equations Work’s lean approach towards the challenges has crafted the company as one of the most preferred IT service partner across the globe. Serving Clients in more than 15 nations, today Equations Work has been recognized as a thought-leader in front-line technologies such as Virtual Reality, User eXperience, and Big Data through various renowned blogs and forums. It is because of this popularity that more than 4000+ fresher apply for 25 Internship position at Equations Work.
Strategic Approach to be an Epitome of Success
Inspired by the famous saying, ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently’, the team of Equations Work has been delivering unique and distinct services to their clients. While discussing the company’s technical strategies to achieve success Vishal Adsool, the CEO of the company mentions, “Almost 80% of our business has come form the Word of Mouth or is repeat business. We have been successfully carrying the Bandwagon of Business Optimization Services through proven Business Intelligence tools to almost all facets of the Industry and the response has been phenomenal.”  He also adds that “The decision makers need results but seldom have knowledge of the Data that their system has been generating to take those decisions. We just help them discover the stories through our services.”.  And looking at the client list, that seems to have really worked out for Equations Work. The technology counter-part of Equations Work, Satish Surawanshi, CTO of the company adds “Apart from gripping the latest technologies and gauging their potential, we have always learned from our mistakes and, we believe that the day we stop making mistakes is the day we stop growing.”  Being a well-planned organization, Equation Works has set a dedicated wing to research the evolving technologies and to explore innovative ways to solve the business relevant issues. The company’s innovative index and the ability to deliver excellence in the work are the two crucial factors which have assisted it to collaborate with the top Fortune companies and to embrace the various opportunities in the IT industry.
Visioning a Resolute Future
Equations Work has been successfully able to set a high equilibrium between their technical and business requirements. However, the organization is aiming to achieve an extra mile in the IT industry with its rich involvement of working in the niche technologies. While speaking on the future plans of the company, Vishal says, “We are planning to serve better in this tech-world and are intermittently working to expand our products and services. We are also setting up another facility to house 80 more associates that will facilitate us in the journey to accomplish our goals.
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