Smart Enovations: Escalating Innovative Engineering and IT Services to Global Businesses

Smart Enovations

With modern times come modern innovations. Businesses aim for a new idea, tool or system to fulfill the requirements of current market trends. Innovation advances the growth, as it brings curiosity of “what’s new and next”. It plays pivotal role in the world of business. Businesses in various sectors have become innovative in its approach. The field of Engineering and Information Technology is expanding its outreach with successful innovative services and solutions. One such company is Smart Enovations, a certified Engineering, Embedded and IT service product designing and development organization. The experienced engineers at Smart Enovations deal with the design challenges in various domains such as automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, power engineering, big data systems etc.
Smart Enovations engineers understand the customer requirements and use their experience offering innovative solutions to meet customer’s needs efficiently and cost effectively. Smart Enovations strive to continuously develop new products and processes that ensure the highest quality, performance and value by incorporating experience, expertise and knowledge to innovate solutions that meet their client’s demands. Customer delight and satisfaction is sought by every member of the Smart Enovations team.
The Leading Forces at Smart Enovations
A passionate engineer and strategist, Ravi Venu Gopal is the Founder and CEO of Smart Enovations. He is the captain of the ship, leading from front and is supported by senior colleagues, Dr. Bonde and Dr. CVR Reddy. He has been instrumental in developing knowledge base as well as processes for delivering their services, complete product designs and proven prototypes to world-wide OEM’s working in modern forefront technologies, from Indian soil. The first interior design of the high end premium car was carried out in India under his stewardship. He is also a specialist in developing offshore development centers.
Team of Ravi, Dr. Bonde and Dr. Reddy has been successfully working together for the last 20 years. They are technocrats with their grounding from various fields such as the Indian space program, leading the design and engineering of India’s cheapest car and developing aerospace solutions. They are now working closely with new generation mobility solutions. Smart Enovations is founded by Technocrats, who are seasoned serial entrepreneurs and founder members of other technology companies earlier.
Amenities that Enhance the System
The key services of Smart Enovations are IT enabled engineering services and IT software services which are categorized further. The IT enabled engineering services are product conceptualization, engineering design and CAE simulations, tooling and manufacturing support, product life cycle management, embedded IOT, and AI. The IT software services are application development, big data solutions, cloud enablement, analytics, mobile app, and enterprise support services.
Smart Enovations always works on new ideas for their clients and given technology, will be the driving force in coming times. The company is working on many new technological solutions through urban mobility, home automation, new energy systems, smart automation and industrial fourth industrial revolution. Their focus is on EV, Battery, battery charging and some niche area like microwave technologies related services and products. The management constantly evaluates the potential of new technologies and its growth. It helps to understand which of the technologies are helping the clients so as to acquire it much ahead of their competitors.
Achieving Milestones by Overcoming Challenges
As a service provider in both IT and Engineering services areas, availability of right talent at the right time is the key to success and is also a challenge. It delivers pioneer projects and serve their clients with the best suited solutions. Smart Enovations have successfully achieved growth in niche technology areas like robotic simulation, forming simulation, automation, embedded systems, and IOT areas. This further cements the fact that in a short time the company has able to support the world’s best EV OEM directly.
It has innovative processes of pipeline building and funnel map to ensure the right resources are available at the right time. It defines high growth not merely in terms of revenue but more in terms of technology solutions. The company’s technology solutions include working in space technologies, industrial analytics technologies and similar domains.
New technological areas will take time to achieve desired result like automation and machine learning and the company is happy to work alongside their customers as the technology matures. The company’s domain of engineering is full of action right through industrial fourth industrial revolution such as, data analytics, IOT, AI, smart systems, smart materials and robotics. The brand strongly feels it is the bedrock of engineering and technology which are well positioned to ride the new technological wave.
Maintaining Strong Client Base
Smart Enovations understanding of science, engineering and technology along with management experience of high value projects is very helpful to their clients. It adds real value to clients’ discussions with their critical analysis and in-sights. The company’s flexible process, quality and niche technological innovations have great value. It has developed a dedicated client base and their relationship with client is long term. The company also has tool design facility to complement and demonstrate their engineering design concepts and prototype development. It helps to demonstrate functionality of the products at every stage of development and showcase the value we have added to client’s products. This helps to eliminate the possibility of rejection and gain customer confidence for repeat orders in the future.
Flourishing by Building Strategies
Smart Enovations is a special- built, engineering design company and it will remain as a “High Impact Organization” for their client’s engineering needs. It competes with both in-house, full service companies as well as special engineering only service companies. It has always been able to find its niche growing technology areas with their clients. Each of their clients has very stringent procurement norms. The company is well armed to match client’s norms and enroll themselves as able suppliers for their clients. The company’s focus is always on innovative engineering solution for future. The three driving factors for us are Innovation, Productivity and Commitment with ‘keep-it-simple’thinking. This is the winning formula for the company when compared to their competitors. The engineering design’s services pie is big enough for all services providers to have their own spaces. Smart Enovations also have their own!
Future Goals for which the Company is Aiming
Smart Enovations is always on the look for emerging digital technologies. These constitute areas like Automation, Robotics Simulation, AI and products in EV technology area along with their pursuit to expand to new geographies. The company has been evaluating new markets in line and expanding to the Nordics and Japan as it moves to market strategy. The company is driven on achieving productive improvements through innovative solutions and products. Their primary focus presently is to understand the target markets and prepare market entry programs for new geographies.
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