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Information Technology

The IT industry is the most essential service provider to any organization and is growing at an amazingly rapid pace.  IT sector simplifies business operations but now, this sector itself has become increasingly complex. While IT infrastructure, is the backbone of any organization, IT securities & software compliances play major role in the seamless business operation. Today all these 3 areas have got complicated both in terms of understanding & in implementing. However, these three areas are not just essential now, they are turning out to be critical for day to day business operations. A lot of business entrepreneurs are realizing the significant role the IT plays in their businesses & hence are heading towards maturing their IT setup.
However, on the other hand, there is a lack of effective IT System Integrators with good knowledge and implementation skills. This is where International Infocom Technologies Pvt. Ltd (IITPL) has put its steps forward to go on & build its own 3-point process of providing stable & secured IT Infra for SMB sectors. The 3-point process that begins with 1. Understand & Analyze: Client’s IT structure & Pain points in it 2. Build Solution & Educate: clients on how to go about it & then 3. Restructure & Maintain: their IT infra for their greater benefits. This simplifying formula is been professionally efficient & has delivered stability to business operations in organizations.
An Innovative Leader of IITPL
With over one and half decade years of rich experience, Satish M Agadi is leading as Founder and Managing Director of International Infocom Technologies Pvt Ltd.  Satish is technically proficient & is a prolific innovative technology solutions designer & integrator who has expertise in domains like IT Infra Project consulting, IT Security strategy & Compliance Management among many others. He holds BE degree in Electronics and telecommunication and later he completed his post-graduation MBA in system.
Satish is passionate for designing, building & supporting IT networks for enterprises that simplify their organizational activities. He is a spirited and dynamic leader who believes in following his heart which is filled with Truth, Love and Compassion. He has taken active leadership in developing and enriching the process of building stability to IT structures for businesses which is instrumental in achieving company’s goals and vision.
Benefiting Clients by Delivering Tech Services
SMB or industrial sectors need fast yet stable, secured IT infrastructures & IITPL builds them orderly and supports. Distinctively, IITPL is adding value to the industrial & SMB segment in three major IT verticals IT infrastructure solutions, IT Securities and compliances. The company specializes not only in understanding the client’s IT structure needs, but also designs, builds, delivers and maintain them.
Structured Network is a part of IT Infra and different System Integrators use different products & methodologies while IITPL stands out by choosing the best. Like; Structured network can have managed switches but correctly implementing & then hardening the network is the key which is what IITPL do. Similarly, Domain controller installation is all about ‘decisions’ on series of set up that are to be implemented in a sequence. And the decisions are taken together by both the management & the Service provider & IITPL think tank drives this. Additionally, think, educate & build data backup management needs of clients before implementing the Server and not after clients ask for it.
So, with customer benefits in mind company has built 3 point ‘Do It’ formula code named TEA – Think, Educate & Act & irrespective of size of any IT structure TEA can be activated. For a small organization or a branch office, if there is no need of a server, a workgroup LAN could be built but with basic securities under TEA. Structuring / restructuring a network with a Domain Server, Managed Switch & Firewall as 3 levels of Security implementation could be done under TEA methodology. Above this & with right software compliances, the client’s IT structures becomes robust and thus yields greater stability for business operations cutting stress for management.
The company believes in educating their clients on importance & need of software compliances which is not just about buying software for the sake of licensing issues. It is about knowing all the software is needed for the organization, then installing them properly with license activations & finally maintaining them. This is again a 3-tier job as per the company’s formulation. Typically, IITPL delivers a ‘Gap analysis report’ for the organizations followed by the list of software to be procured & empowers them to take knowledge based decision on procurements. Company then would then professionally implement, activates & maintains them.
Adopting Challenges to Lead IT
Knowledge is not easy to acquire & understanding software polices means research & study. IITPL chose this tough route to acquire wisdom rather than relying only on varied conflicting inputs from different divisions of the same principle companies. ‘Study’ mixed with understanding from the right authorities in the principle companies as well as Auditors & cyber security lawyers has matured IITPL’s ideas on delivering better compliances for clients. Additionally, procurement & implementation is a tricky subject; the company’s experience & decision to adhere to integrity meant challenging the crowd for the protection of client’s procurement investments. Slowly but surely the principle was reciprocated & welcomed by the industrial & business communities – from Finance / Consulting firms to Design /Media houses & Manufacturing, FMCG segments etc.
Stand Out In a High Tech World
The current trends & the industrial ecosystem needs more knowledge partners and integrators like IITPL while IITPL’s wisdom was derived out of tremendous man hours of efforts in assessing, researching, fixing & implementing solutions at varied industry or customer segments. This wisdom characterized the company to purely believe in the principle of giving best in IT to the organizations. This philosophy combined with plan & execute 3-point action has taken the competition out of equation. This has simply necessitated the fact that System Integrator is beyond just offering multiple product ranges from Systems, servers, software to NAS, SAN, Firewall etc., it is about product knowledge, ability to integrate multiple / varied devices for fulfilling client’s needs. IITPL has championed in this spectrum of product (with extensive benefits extraction out of these products) & solutions offerings that are effective and economical.
The company’s great contacts with industry biggies like Intel, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk etc., means greater benefits for their clients. More than 90% of support calls being attended by the company’s engineers on the same day shows the efforts & intensions of providing the best in class tech care to their client. The company stands out from the rest!
Future Ahead
As IT sector is growing at amazingly rapid pace, it’s no wonder that many IT infrastructure leaders have started to look for more transformative options which includes next generation IT solutions. The Company is partnered to promote their own firewall product called IITPL’S WiJungle. The company has laid out plans of promoting it massively to small offices to build better securities for them. The company has signed up with the cyber security legal specialist and IT security audit firm to provide complete IT security compliance with legal advice as their upcoming services.
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