Uteshiya Medicare: Transforming Healthcare through Unique Products & Services

Uteshiya Medicare

In today’s fast-paced evolving world, healthcare industries are continually compelled to develop new and innovative ways for human welfare. Continuous progress in medical technology has allowed doctors to diagnose better, intervene early and saves lives. As Industry is now getting regulated and guidelines are becoming clear, the Indian companies are now replacing the Indian Orthopedic Market which was initially dominated by large western companies.
Uteshiya Medicare Private Limited, founded in 2013, emerged as a strategically diversified company in the field of Precision Import Substitute Orthopedic Implants. The company is set to manufacture and produce excellent prime quality Import Substitute Orthopedic Implants with a keen focus on superior service, customer-based design, and technical solutions. The company has a team of high-quality members who understands the importance of delivering a high-quality product at the right time.
Innovative Leaders Ensuring the Company’s Growth
Uteshiya Medicare marches ahead on its illustrious journey under the leadership of Jignesh J Uteshiya & Navneet Uteshiya, Managing Directors of the company. They have a crystal clear foresight and a keen vision with rich experience and technology savvy background.
Jignesh has given his fruitful Contribution to some of leading banks like ICICI Bank and Axis Bank before starting this venture.  Jignesh is a BCA and LLB graduate and completed MBA from GLS Ahmedabad. Apart from this company, Navneet has various other businesses of Injection Molding of Irrigation products. Humble by nature and highly motivated to lead by example, Jignesh and Navneet have been the professional driving force since the inception of the company.
Product and Services for the Betterment of the Customers
Uteshiya Medicare philosophy is to provide a faster service and delivery to their clients. It is leading manufacturer & supplier of trauma implants for the surgical treatment of bone fractures, abnormalities and diseases of the hands, arms, hips, pelvis, legs, ankles and feet. The company optimizes and customizes operations to obtain maximum efficiency, overall cost saving, improved customer service, reduced risk and lower capital expenditure. Economics of the company is worked out to achieve the best product at minimal cost to offer best competitive price.
The company deals with range of products that involves,
Trauma Implants: Orthopedic Trauma Implants includes Interlocking Nail, Locking Plates, Bone Plates, a screw which is used for surgical treatment and repair damage.
Spine Implants- Uteshiya offers high-quality products that help surgeons to improve the quality of a patient’s life.
The company also deals with Arthroscopy Implants, External Fixators, Skin Stapler, Absorbable Implant and offering products which are most suitable for patients. The company’s most important capital is the perfect synergy of employee competence and the effective use of global know-how through their own R&D research and practical application.
Paving its Way into Healthcare
India’s healthcare scene is rapidly evolving and so are the companies that take up the responsibility of tackling challenges in this sector. When the medical industry is passing through a phase of non-regulated to fully regulated industry, Uteshiya Medicare enters into this market. At that time the market is filled with a lot of challenges. Government departments were trying to understand industry for preparing better guidelines.
The company is started after getting all the regulatory approvals and product permission for more than 170 products. Uteshiya is one of the very few companies who have an In-house sterilization facility even though it’s not mandatory. Uteshiya became first company with approvals for Absorbable Implants. In a span of four years, the company is exporting to more than 25 countries in the world.
Served the Purpose of Customers
Uteshiya is a totally computerized company with Enterprise Resource Planning System. A customer has access to company’s app through which they can manage their inventory see the reports of sales. The company is coming up with various other products like skin Staplers, a Navigation system which will give their distributors an opportunity to generate revenue from their existing customer with the same effort.
Uteshiya has special new product development team which specifically works on new upcoming products. The company is setting up new facilities which will be in more than 7000Sq.Ft. of the area with USFDA approval. Continues innovation product will keep the company upgraded and forward in this competitive market.
Roadmap towards a Flourishing Future
Uteshiya Medicare is coming up with new and innovative services like Absorbable Implants, Custom Made Implants and Various Skin Staplers. The company’s products are now replacing the Indian market which is previously dominated by foreign products. With a help of suggestions from highly talented Indian surgeons, the company is dedicated to giving the innovative products to the world. Healthcare is an industry where each moment can make a difference between life and death. Uteshiya wants to empower each patient for such critical moments so that they can make the best decision for themselves and their loved ones.
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