Party Cruisers: Trendsetters in Wedding Management and Style Decor

Party Cruisers

Destination wedding in India is no more a trend. Time and again wedding planners in India have planned, managed, and crafted special days in spectacular and magnificent wedding venues located in different parts of India. The wedding industry is one of the most emotionally charged industries in India. The decor speaks to each venue, creating a look and experience to fit the theme and space.  There is no limit to how detailed elements such as flowers, candles, menus, and linens can be implemented and tailored to create a seamless look and feel.
Party Cruisers is a company which provides a professional planning experience that streamlines the arduous process of wedding planning in every step of the way. The company works with families to customize the perfect celebration. At the event, they take care of every minute detail behind the scenes so that the clients can soak in the magnificence of the day. They are a leading wedding management and style decor company in Mumbai which organizes destination wedding in India & worldwide.
Pursuing Excellence by Overcoming Obstacles
The company works on established systems and processes which ensure a seamless flow of work from beginning to end. They break barriers when they need to and go that extra mile. They inspire to create events that mesmerize one’s soul. The company aims to create not only events, but they aim to create dreams. They strive to make the day really special and memorable. Party Cruisers believes in maintaining long term relationship with their valued customers.
The company strives for excellence and intends to give their clients an exceptional experience every time by designing their perfect event. For them, every client is unique and so are their requirements and thus all their events are special, exclusive, and one of their kinds.
Percipient Leadership
Party Cruisers marches ahead successfully on the road of success under the insightful leadership of Zuzer LucknowalaChairman & MD, and  Rachana Lucknowala – Director of the company.
Zuzer brings an unparalleled blend of experience, education, and personality to each and every event. He currently heads the Hospitality business of the company and continuously strives for professionalism, creativity, and impeccable organizational skills in managing the events.
Rachana heads the corporate event and wedding business at Party Cruisers with her brilliant creativity and experience. With her insightful leadership and expertise, she aims to make every wedding a memorable experience.
Client Support and Satisfaction – The Prime Goal of Party Cruisers
The company specializes in theme décor services as per client’s needs and dreams. Their in-house designers create special themes for special occasions. So, whether one is opting for a small and intimate wedding or a large-scale celebration, or one fancies an exotic destination wedding, they are well equipped to take care of it all which makes them different from other competitors.
Owning most of the required infrastructure such as tables and chairs, professional staging, lighting and audiovisual equipment, sets, soundproof generators, and transport vehicles, allows them to provide their clients the benefit of top quality products at competitive prices.
Party Cruisers is passionate about planning events. Whether one needs a little bit of help or a lot, a theme or destination wedding, the company works towards making each event a spectacular and elegant affair. They also save their client’s time and money and most importantly take away all the stress associated with planning their wedding so that they can really enjoy it! As a wedding planner in India, they know how important it is to form a connection not just with the couple, but also with the family. They aim at delighting their clients at every step of the event.
Trailblazing through the Road of Success
From small projects in the neighborhood to shows that realigned the limits of the event management industry, Party Cruisers grew into a formidable name providing outstanding event management services.
Their deep love and passion for their work ensures that the clients and their guests are never left alone. The company’s passion drives them to never settle with ordinary. They offer an array of activities, entertainment and laughter all around to keep their clients entertained. With a passionate team that always goes out of its way to deliver more than what it promises and rich experience in planning and managing eclectic events, Party Cruisers can make a promise with surety. They have endeavored to always be cost effective to their clients and also to themselves. Some of their important key points are knowledge & expert advice; reputation for fulfilling commitment/integrity; and tie–ups with all types of hotels/partners. They maintain close relation with local/city/state government bodies, and conduct in-depth market analysis of the latest themes & trends. The company provides one solution to all wedding needs; provides catering to all kinds of budget; and maintains a dedicated professional team for each project.
Marching Forward
Party Cruisers are spreading their wings widely to bring in new concepts and trends to the exciting world of memorable events. They are keen to build on their past success and continue to provide flawless delivery to their clients who expect a complete success from their event. The company is planning to target more national and international destination weddings and franchises worldwide so that they can have their personal presence everywhere. They are looking forward to have more than hundred franchises all over world. They have closed more than five franchises by mid of 2018. The company promises to make their client’s wedding a unique and elegant affair so the wedding remains etched in their memory forever.
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