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FGnC Consulting
Mr. Praveen Arora | Founder | FGnC Consulting

As businesses grow and become successful, they hire people and train their staff to keep up with the skills to match the market. But often, problems arise in the organization that can’t be easily recognized. The same structure on which the business stands are not feasible in the long run. Hence, organizations hire consultancies that provide them and their employees with valuable solutions. It supports the organizations in decision making and makes them capable to stand firmly in the face of adversity. One such consultancy that has been helping its clients and helping them achieve excellence is FGnC (Fueling Growth And Competency) Consulting. FGnC is a Boutique consulting organization with its consultants having +100 years of combined experience in leading excellence journey for diverse businesses across the service and manufacturing sectors.

Its Vision
Since its inception, the FGnC consultancy has been driving strategic transformation initiatives to realize top and bottom-line growth in pursuit of organizational objectives. It has crafted excellence concepts and change competency programs. Its niche is centered around Customized delivery, Delivery model, and Coaching interventions. All of these have strengthened its vision to facilitate the creation of an able organization, where people are equipped with the necessary tools and methodologies. It helps them drive a meaningful change to grow business.

Unique model
FGnC’s success has been possible because of its revolutionary strategic model. It has been designed and deployed for delivering quick wins in the short run with minimal investment followed by multi-fold improvement in the long run. It involves investment in the form of automation or alternate interventions establishing a state of transformation balance. FGnC transformation maturity assessment model provides a baseline and strategic direction of the program.

The step-by-step approach of the transformation model is supported by templates and guidelines deployed under the guidance of quality leaders. There are numerous models which are customized, based on organization requirement like Daily Work Management model, Sales Excellence framework, etc. It displays its expertise through the research practices in transformation leading to newer models as per emerging industry needs and practices.

The Creator
Innovative startups are founded by people who are ready to take on challenges in every step of the way. These individuals with their experience and passion possess a desire to help others achieve excellence. Mr. Praveen Arora, Founder of FGnC Consulting heralded as “The Certified Quality Leader”, is one such personality who with his zealous approaches and ideas has been a key figure behind the organizations’ successful endeavors. Mr. Arora has a great perspective towards opportunities and the creativity to convert them into success for individuals and teams. He delivers high-impact, value-based, custom strategies for turbocharging corporate individuals and organizations for great results.

Mr. Arora has 20 years of experience under his belt. During this time, he has established excellence function from inception in multiple organizations and traveled globally to establish the Quality Assurance model.
Under his leadership, excellence and customer service functions have achieved numerous awards for the value they delivered. His sessions have impacted thousands’ of lives from students to employees of large corporates like Infosys BPM, Gulf Bank, WIPRO limited, ADCB Bank, AXIS Bank, etc. In 2018, he was bestowed with the “Leadership with Purpose” Award from Transformance Business Media.

After his success at notable corporations like Deutsche Bank, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, Grasim Industries limited Mr. Arora decided to leave the corporate world. With a mission to help individuals and teams, he set-up FGnC. The journey was filled with obstacles such as requiring the support of friends and family, not able to get pay Cheque regularly and investing a large sum of savings with nothing but guts and vision. At last, his vision took the shape of reality and in the last 3 years, he has transformed the lives of over 1000+ individuals.

A message for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
“We advise young entrepreneurs to be passionate about what they wish to do and then this passion would drive contribution. Once you have decided your product/service, identify the target market and introduce your niche well. If you cannot find your niche as yet, create it before you go to market.
Target market is key and would decide your future. Like we choose to provide our services to larger organizations against the traditional model of startup servicing Medium and small enterprises. We had an entry barrier (in spite of niche), but we could find inroads to some of the respected organizations, who are our clients today.” – Mr. Arora

Future Goals
FGnC has set a target for itself, to establish a state of transformation balance in its clientele. It desires to help them become successful by enabling top-line and bottom-line growth. FGnC is ceaselessly striving to support the next 1000 individuals in achieving success through its programs within the next year.

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