CNC Transcend Management Services: Securing Growth

CNC Transcend Management Services
Cherian Kuruvila | S.A. Chari | Managing Partner | CNC Transcend Management Services

While the global consulting industry is moving at a steady pace, in India, consulting market has evolved as a decent contributor to the Indian GDP. Stamping a consistent growth since the last few years, the average growth has shot up to 6.75%, as per the industry reports. While a decade ago, there were only a handful of players managing the business with traditional policies; today the business environment is highly competitive and progressive.

Founded almost a decade ago, in the year 2010, CNC Transcend Management Services (CNCTMS) is one of those exceptionally growing firms operating from Bangalore and Delhi. It is a management services firm that specializes in business strategy development and execution, along with leadership coaching for growth phase companies struggling to scale up as per their Vision.
The Perfect Duo 
The company is led by duo Co-founder, Cherian Kuruvila and S.A. Chari , who have come together to use their combined leadership expertise. The name ‘CNC’ itself stands for their partners’ commitment to driving this venture personally from the front.
They have over seven decades of collective experience in Start-ups, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Large Scale Projects, and Profit Centre Management across multiple industries and stages of organization cycles.
Their role was more to evangelize, innovate, and focus on a few clients at a time to deep dive and create lasting impact. “We also kept evolving every year with new services, new collaborations, new segments, use of technology for global reach, new activities – eg panel discussions, keynote addresses, articles, posts on a variety of topics, Strategic Leadership workshops, Holistic Coaching, etc.” says the duo.

Core Offerings 

  1. Business Mentoring/Coaching – Strategy Development and Execution for 2X growth by enabling organizations to re-look at their Structures, Processes, Policies, Planning, Reviews, Performance orientation and accountability. Along with leadership alignment to vision and culture for Growth Phase. It uses a CNCTMS Business Health scan across 7 areas of the business to do an Assessment to identify the weak areas, then moves into a highly engaged weekly or fortnightly Planning and Execution phase with all the departmental leaders to drive results over 1 -2 years
  2. Leadership/ Executive Coaching –CNC works closely and individually with CEOs, business owners, and their chosen leaders to help improve organizational effectiveness and build a strong leadership pipeline to Secure Growth and Transcend to the next level. Often leaders are the bottleneck and hence this approach.
  3. Leadership interventions and experiential workshops on Strategic Leadership and Visioning, High-Performance Leadership behaviors, Creating dream teams for the mid to senior leaders of mid to large size corporates to raise the level of leadership so needed in these uncertain times.

In-short, Business Mentoring focuses on Business Transformation and growth, Leadership Coaching focuses on Individual Transformation and growth and the Workshops focus on Team Transformation.
Counting on Success 
With the vision to become a lead catalyst to support the growth of medium and large enterprises and large corporate businesses, CNC has achieved huge success over the years and has come a long way. The below mentioned points are some of the achievements and successful transformations of the firm and done by the firm:

  • 2X Growth in many businesses, have become a long term partner in the transformation journey, longer-term relationship, brought about structure and professional approach, with focus on processes and policies and HR policies and practices needed to sustain growth.
  • Improved productivity, better role clarity, Goal, and Action orientation, accountability, team development, leadership development, building a leadership pipeline.
  • It has a huge collection of grateful clients- both business and individual leaders and entrepreneurs who have either chosen Business Mentoring or Leadership/ Executive Coaching option.
  • The firm also got recognized for being among the 10 Most Admired Outsourcing companies for Mid to large enterprises.

An Advice to entrepreneurs starting up in this field from the Managing Partners of the firm
“Be clear why you are getting into this field. A passion to make a difference is different from a profession but when the 2 get aligned it can be a hugely satisfying journey.
Set realistic Business Goals for your firm and give yourself a few years to establish your credentials and a cycle of client referrals.
Realize you cannot do everything yourself, hence collaborate with like-minded professionals or organizations offering similar or complementary services to the same target clients.”

Designed Future
As CNC has crossed many milestones in its 10 years, “We look back with gratitude and pride at the impact we have created.” says the duo of the firm, Now, it is planning for more impact, more collaborations with like-minded facilitators who provide similar or complementary services to the same target market clients and consumers.
Today’s increased use of technology-based interventions  allow wider national and global coverage; it plans to go global in 2020 and offer more core services in association with its certified business partners.

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