Snig Consultancy Services: Revolutionizing Textile Industry Indigenously

R. N. Kanungo | Founder & CEO | Snig Consultancy Services
R. N. Kanungo | Founder & CEO | Snig Consultancy Services

Snig Consultancy Services was founded in June 2006. It is a consulting venture with a dedicated and efficient team of textile professionals specialized in their respective fields pledged to effectively provide global standards of excellence through its ‘Complete Textile Solutions’. The Company believes in providing excellent services to the customer, complying with industry norms and criteria as well as maintaining professional and ethical standards with the utmost confidentiality.
We help to identify critical problems and work with the clients in overcoming them as a trusted advisor and offer various Textile Technology related specialized services,” says the team of Snig Consultancy. The firm specializes in the majorly in the areas such as Textile Manufacturing, Quality Management, Product Development, Industrial Engineering, Textile Innovation, and Technical Textiles, etc. along with other allied fields.
A Textile Revolutionary
R.N. Kanungo – Founder/CEO of Snig Consultancy, after obtaining his B.Sc.(Tech) degree from the University of Calcutta in 1964, had a brief stint with the Textiles Committee – Ministry of Commerce, Government of India (GOI). Subsequently, he pursued his Post Graduate research at V.J.T.I, Bombay as a Senior Fellow under the Technical Teachers’ Training Programme 1967 of the Ministry of Education (GOI). He was awarded the M.Text degree in 1970 from the University of Mumbai formerly known as the University of Bombay. Kanungo is a recipient of ‘Fellow of The Institution of Engineers, India’ (F.I.E) award which makes him an accomplished Senior Textile Professional having more than four decades of rich industrial and research experience.
He started his initial work as a Scientific Officer in ATIRA, at Ahmedabad and was employed there between 1970-75. His journey helped him in obtaining diversified industrial experience for the next two and a half decades (1975-98). On top of that, Kanungo managed to acquire an immense wealth of knowledge and work experience in the fields of Textile Production, Quality Control, and Assurance, Process Control, Industrial Engineering, Research, and Development, etc.
He provided his expertise in some of the reputed textile industries such as Mafatlal, Soma and Asarwa group of mills. While working with Mafatlals at Mihir Textiles Ltd. Ahmedabad from 1985-86, he played an instrumental role in introducing the first microprocessor controlled ‘High Volume Cotton Testing Instrument (H.V.I)’ modules from the american company M/s Spinlab Inc. Later, it was introduced as the ‘Scientific Bale Management’ concept in the Indian Cotton textile industry.
His management advisory experiences in the two of the world’s largest textile conglomerates namely BEXIMCO Dhaka, Bangladesh and the Arvind Mills at Ahmedabad, between 1998-2006, enriched his wealth of knowledge in the upcoming areas of Product Innovation. These areas included his significant work on ‘New Generation Fibres’ and the introduction of the ‘Polymer to Fashion’ concept in the textile industry which largely contributed to the progress of the present consultancy venture.
Snig’s Dynamics
Given the rapid changes taking place in almost all spheres of Textiles, the company currently envisages to moving forward at a relatively slower pace than other bigger consulting companies, so as to maintain sufficient technical strength. The things that need special attention are particularly in the new areas of Product Innovation, Product Development, Polymer to Fashion concept, Emerging New Generation Fibre trends, and Technical Textiles development areas, etc. Hence, that’s where the firm’s most of the focus will be for the time being.
From the last 10 to 12 years, the Textile Technology related services, offered by the company are as follows:

  1. Preparation of project reports in the areas of textile manufacturing such as in Spinning, Weaving, Chemical Processing, and Garments, etc.
  2. Selection of Plant and Machinery.
  3. Providing technical solutions during installation, erection, commissioning of new projects and commercial production.
  4. Management of Quality/Process Control, Quality Assurance, and Product Development related services.
  5. Troubleshooting areas in existing manufacturing processes.
  6. Assistance in identifying markets, Domestic and International.
  7. Sourcing of Raw Materials for conventional as well as new innovative products such as Cotton and Synthetic, High tech/ High-performance fibre. Also yarns and fabrics for any kind of new product development phase, especially for the textile and garment industry.

Apart from all this, the company received numerous queries from the clients, particularly asking for start-ups with new ventures in Technical Textiles. This included innovative areas like Textile manufacturing, Knitting, and Garment industries which had been subsequently dealt with by Snig Consultancy and the problematic areas where the issues originated were provided with proper solutions. Initially, there was not much of a struggle. After launching the company’s website in mid-2006, lots of efforts were put in by the Snig team to identify prospective clients and to gather information on their potential needs. All of this was carried out to guide them in solving their areas of problem and suggesting suitable road maps for the successful implementation of new projects. The entire process was executed with precision while realizing the ongoing needs of the individual clients in order to accomplish their sales and marketing goals for the future.
With this regard, effective personal communication and subsequent discussion through individual review meetings with the clients for further implementation of their new manufacturing setup projects were done. Invariably, short and long term troubleshooting areas has helped in establishing goodwill and effective rapport with the old, new, and upcoming clients for the success of the brand.
Guidelines for the Upcoming Industry Disruptors
The company’s consulting experience over the last few years suggests the following advice for a successful budding start-ups and entrepreneurs:

  1. The consulting team should consist of specialized professionals in their respective areas and should work with a clear, dedicated and disciplined focus.
  2. They should possess interpersonal skills, good networking , and problem-solving ability so as to be able to help in identifying clients’, critical problems and work with them in overcoming such issues like a trusted advisor.
  3. Given the rapid changes in technologies, the consulting team must also be willing to learn and open to acquiring new knowledge, ideas, and information on new inventions, etc. This will help in developing creative skills and advise the clients accordingly, for any new changes in their future endeavours.
  4. The consulting operational team must also be prepared to offer excellent Customer Services complying with industry norms as well as maintaining professional and ethical standards with the utmost confidentiality.
  5. Most importantly, the team must seek to instil confidence in the clients and help them in maintaining mutual transparency with the consulting company to have a successful long term business relationship.

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