Graphene Semiconductor Services: Providing best-in-class end-to-end support for the semiconductor industries

Instigated in 2013 by a group of industry veterans, Graphene Semiconductors was established with a simple desire to offer end-to-end support for the semiconductor industries.
More than 35 of the world’s top semiconductor fabrication and fabless companies as its customers, Graphene stands out different than the other semiconductor companies providing end-to-end solutions— right from chip design, embedded software, all the way through providing support to mass manufacturing thereby being a one-stop service and solution provider.
Although most service enterprises in the hardware territory focus on bringing end-to-end solutions for specific industry verticals only or deliver just a part of the service irrespective of the sector they handle, Graphene, on the other hand, does both. It has carved out four verticals: Automotive, Industrial/Consumer, Storage, and Communications/Telecom. In addition, it brings in a layer of connectivity to all its services, a key component in today’s world of internet-of-things, where all devices are connected to the each other.
Graphene’s holistic view of the industry and its needs, and their ability to meet them has resulted in lasting trust from their clients. What Graphene strives to be, is a partner in growth and not merely a products and service vendor. Headquartered in Bangalore, it has offices in the US, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan serving customers worldwide and has established themselves as a preferred partner for technology excellence.
The fascinating leader of graphene
Vilas Bhade, Co-founder & CEO of Graphene has over 25 years of experience in Semiconductor and System design. Vilas’ strength lies in  his strong industry relationships with major semiconductor companies, EDA tool vendors, IP suppliers and silicon foundries. His experience in working across Consumer, Wireless and Telecom verticals has taken Graphene to the highest level of expertise. Prior to Graphene, Vilas has held various senior management positions with Infosys, Sasken, PMC-Sierra, Philips and Insilica.
For Vilas, the most interesting thing about Semiconductors is the constant innovation of it. The industry lives by a simple creed – smaller, faster and cheaper. There is immense scope to come up with something better and even cheaper than what redefined state-of-the-art only a few months before. And, this challenge makes it all the more exciting.
Top-notch services with superior serving techniques
Graphene operating through the entire value-chain and encompassing the various stake holders across the complete product design, Graphene brings its expertise in design, development and integration of various vertical market offerings and know-how to deliver a successful first-pass product.
Graphene provides the following services for the automotive, industrial/consumer, storage and communications/telecom verticals:

  • Silicon design services
  • Embedded software design services
  • System design/Board design services
  • Product testing qualification services

Delivering highest technological principles and strategies 
Graphene’s founding team comes with strong expertise in the VLSI and Embedded software domains. The founders are not only active members of the IEEE but also innovators in the space and hold several patents to their credit. The team not only contributes in defining of flows, methodologies etc. for the semiconductor industry but also ensure that the product is efficaciously delivered in the first pass, way above industry average.
Also, with technology training carried out by industry experts in the VLSI and Embedded software domains in-house, Graphene’s agile workforce is well-positioned to not just embrace ever-changing technologies, but also quickly adapt them.
Their diverse strategies to tackle competition in this sector are 2 fold:

  • Constant technology and process innovation – To be a world-class leader in this highly competitive market, innovation and agility are Graphene’s core team is investing in resources to make consistent technology and process improvements to stay ahead of the competition.
  • World-class customer success and support – At Graphene, customers are at the core. The objective is very clear – ‘to be a partner in our customers’ business goals. In their mission to be a true partner to the customers, they take complete ownership of the final product release and not just parts of it. Reliability and Excellence are two values that the entire Graphene workforce lives by.

Escalating future by following the core values  
Graphene has really strong foundational values that have helped them stay ahead of road blocks. Their core values are I-CARE where:

  • I – Integrity: “We provide trustworthy and quality services to our partners”
  • C – Customers: “We focus all our energies to satisfy customer requirements”
  • A – Adaptive: “We ensure every single product or service, however, niche is delivered to our customers”
  • R – Respect: “Demonstration of receptive, courteous and positive attitude towards people, with care for their dignity and without any discrimination based on status, title, gender or caste”
  • E – Excellence: “in every single delivery, every single incidence and every single result. We work hard towards being the best versions of ourselves and setting high standards for our teammates to follow”

Graphene has seen growth in 2016 and will transform into more consistent growth in 2017. In upcoming days, they are concentrating on the industrial, automotive and storage markets, for getting a powerful position in the overall market. Additionally, they are outlining new techniques for pertaining the importance of semiconductor markets in all over industries.
Graphene vision is to be the no. #1 provider of end-to-end Semiconductor services and hence the go-to choice for the top fabrication and fabless companies worldwide.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Semiconductor Companies

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