Dexcel Electronics Designs: Accomplishing the Pinnacle of Semiconductor Industry

The software industry is growing at a massive pace. There is a visible growth and more companies are participating in the embedded sector. The companies which have already participated in the past are now ruling the market as they have more experience and have mastered countless challenges along with solid competition. Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd is one such company which is making the mark in the embedded sector.
Expansion of Dexcel
Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore, is an Embedded Product Design Engineering Company which takes up work from concept to fulfillment. Dexcel Design house was incubated in the year 2000 along with few institutional investors with a vision to be a leading provider of technology expertise and solutions for the converging world of information, media and communications. Since its inception, while serving national and international customers in diverse domains, Dexcel has evolved into a company with a perfect blend of highly experienced and skilled technical teams in complete product development.
Dexcel is at the forefront since last 17 years with more than 200 engineers onboard. The work in the company is primarily carried out in the areas of Defense, Aerospace & Industrial/IOT electronics. The strength of Dexcel lies in the end to end capability including the Electronics & Mechanical/Industrial design. The operations of the company are carried out in India and Singapore.
People Behind Dexcel 
Amit Sinha, CEO & Managing Director of Dexcel Electronics Designs Pvt Ltd, is an alumnus of NIT Surathkal, Karnataka. He holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering in Computer Science. He is very passionate about his work and apart from that he also manages his work-life perfectly.
He had a stint that leveraged his technical experience while working with Philips Semiconductors. He also carries more than 18 years of strong Embedded Software and Product Engineering experience while managing distributed teams across the globe.
Kamal Thakur Director Finance and Production is also an alumnus of NIT Surathkal who had joined Amit since inception in building the company.
Amit and Kamal credit lot of what is being achieved to people who have been working with us and has shown immense faith and support towards growing this company
On Embedded Segment Amit says, “It’s a very interesting space we are in. The work that we carry out at Dexcel results in innovative tangible assets creation which touches lives in one or the other way. That gives us a sense of accomplishment and a great deal of satisfaction.”
Services, Products and Altering Technologies
Dexcel Electronics Design is a one stop shop for all kinds of electronic product design and fulfillment requirement. With Dexcel, a customer does not need to hunt for multiple partners to realize the overall product. All capabilities are within one roof including circuit design, firmware, software, mechanical, certification etc.
Dexcel is a premier design house partner with few leading semiconductor companies in the world. The partnership helps them to keep abreast with all the latest happening in the technology space and allows them to serve a wide horizon, from Defense to Industrial Electronics that provides them the opportunity to apply and adapt those technologies.
Strategies to Tackle Challenges
At Dexcel, there are no specific strategies as such; however they feel that their capability with wide offerings will help them remain competitive. Adding on they believe that, “A great customer service and experience will be the key to success. A happy customer goes a long way in building the long term relationship and the business itself.”
There is still a great amount of gap in skilled resources required to address the product engineering requirement. A non-availability of such a resource in right time could be a real challenge. Also, there is a great amount of gap in terms of dealing with high end of embedded manufacturing in India. With some of the niche technologies of manufacturing, there are very less number of companies who are able to do that.
Every company goes through discrete number of challenges in its tenure. To keep the customer as a prime focus and do whatever is necessary to make them feel comfortable are some of the values which has helped Dexcel to tackle the challenges.
Point of View on the Current Scenario of the Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor industry is currently going through a consolidation. Companies are trying to find out their niches and trying to stay focused in those areas. Currently, there are too many players in the industry who are offering same things.
The semiconductor industry lives and dies by a simple creed; smaller, faster and cheaper. The benefit of being tiny is pretty simple; finer lines mean more transistors can be packed onto the same chip. The more transistors on a chip, the faster it can do its work. A huge gratitude can be extended to fierce competition and to new technologies that lowers the cost of production per chip.
Future Vision
Since the company is growing and carrying ambitions of serving customers worldwide, funding is done for expansion and growth in the areas of scaling and marketing of infrastructure development. Amit says, “We would like to be a leading provider of technology in our space and set a benchmark for others to follow.”
The vision of the company is to be a leading provider of technology expertise and solutions for the converging world of information, media and communications.

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