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Semiconductors are everywhere. As electronic devices proliferate, the companies that make semiconductors continue to prosper. In fact, they are among the most successful companies in the world. While the semiconductor industry continues its growth, Logic Fruit Technologies is prepared to support the expanding need for engineering and manufacturing new technologies as well as procuring and managing legacy equipment. Logic Fruit Technologies (LFT) designs and deploys embedded solutions for customers around the world. The company is leading provider of Product Engineering that includes FPGA Design, Hardware Design and Embedded Software Design.
LFT is an advanced engineering firm which architects and designs solutions for its customers in the field of FPGA/DSP based System which includes Synthesizable RTL-IP development, Hardware Design, Embedded & Application Software, Integration, through customized or integrated turnkey solutions.
LFT has specific and vast experience in Test & Measurement Industry with expertise of High Speed Serial Protocols, such as PCIe Gen1/2/3/4, USB3.0, SATA, HDMI, MIPI’s M-Phy, DigRFV4 and telecom protocols such as 1/10GE, 40GE, STM16/64, OTN. LFT team also have vast experience in Aerospace & Defense successfully developed systems that includes Encryption, Signal Generation, Data Analysis, and Image Processing Techniques.
With one of the industry’s broadest RTL-IP portfolios and best-in-class support, LFT deliver complete solutions to key verticals like Test & Measurement,  Aerospace&Defense, Telecom, and Semiconductor.
A Veteran of Semiconductor Industry
Sanjeev Kumar is a Co-founder, CEO and Hardware Team Mentor of Logic Fruit Technologies. He earned a Bachelors of Technology degree from  IIT-Kanpur in Electrical Engineering. He brings in 16+ years of industry experience in various fields with FPGA/ASIC System. Sanjeev has worked on latest FPGA’s and has a very good understanding of Serial Protocols specially PCIe and DigRFv4 with detailed experience of FPGAs Transceivers.
With a deep understanding of Heterogeneous Embedded System based on configurable HW and SoCs, he brings in increasing architectural responsibility for customized solutions.
Entities that set LFT apart from others
LFT provides complete product engineering services that set them aside from most of the design engineering companies. As they are focusing on FPGA/DSP centric heterogeneous customized system designs, it is yet another advantage over their competitors.
Updating technical front recurringly
LFT is always working on latest technologies always have to keep themselves updated on the technical front and  keep investing on engineers to update them on the technological advancements happening in the Semiconductor industry.
Focusing on each and every module of project
Strong focus on exceeding the terms of timelines and quality of service. Setting up clear expectations with customer during initial phases of product development discussions. Decouple the Sales and R&D execution teams, so that R&D does not have to compromise on quality based on project cost. Their prominent services are following:
Hardware design services: Logic Fruit caters to various industry verticals using a combination of experienced engineering team, robust product design practices, strong Quality management system and a substantial vendor ecosystem.
FPGA design services: The Product Engineering Team at Logic Fruit provides turnkey FPGA Design Services for multifaceted designs for FPGAs from Xilinx, Altera, Quicklogic, Actel, Cypress and Lattice.
Embedded software design services: Logic Fruit Technologies offers Embedded Software Design Services for a broad range of standard RTOS platforms and micro-kernels. Their solutions range from Windows based embedded OS to Linux; from standard systems and boards to customized systems and boards.
ASIC design services: Logic Fruit’s highly experienced ASIC Design Services team can help you overcome all your challenges. Whether you require design services for ASIC prototyping, want to build a SOC or migrate from FPGA to ASIC or vice versa, their team is capable of handling your designs/SOCs of any complexity.
Device driver development: Their Product Engineering Services team has an unrivaled knowledge of both hardware and software fields and various device drivers that interface these two fields. Logic Fruit provides Device Driver Development services for various processors and leading platforms.
Believe in people and their dreams
The key values followed by Logic Fruit Technologies are to empower individuals, delivering on promises, always exceeding expectations, playing as a team, facing challenges with optimism. LFT believe in people and their dreams because people are the source of their strength.
Semiconductor industry outlook
With the entry of smart phones and IoT, the semiconductor industry is seeing a big change from ASIC to SoC. In addition to this, the demand for configurable chips like FPGA are also expected to grow. The semiconductor industry is in a state of flux. There is a growing recognition that research and development must incorporate new circuitry designs and rely on entirely different methods to scale up computing power further
Targets to accomplish
In an attempt to serve semiconductor industry better, Logic Fruit Technologies is endeavoring on following developments:

  • To provide high-end product engineering services & solutions to most complex challenges of the embedded industry.
  • To be the premier R&D partner of choice for best-in-class engineering solutions.
  • To provide high-quality technology alliance to their customers and help them achieve their goals in the semiconductor
  • To strengthen their position as preferred partner for existing clients, while leveraging own technology and expertise to provide FPGA, Software and Testing services to attract new markets in Semiconductor Industry.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Semiconductor Companies

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