SiValley Technologies: Foremost provider of IP enabled services in semiconductor space

India has become the hub for semiconductor design with nearly 2000 chips being designed per year and more than 20,000 engineers working in various aspects of chip design and verification. Annually, India is generating nearly $2 Billion revenue from the chip design services. India VLSI design service market is expected to reach $3 Billion by 2017, growing at a CAGR of 16.25% during the period 2012-2017.
Contributing to this growth, SiValley Technologies headquartered at Bengaluru, Karnataka, a design services company that deals majorly on the sales and supply of IP enabled semiconductor design services. SiValley is leading in the areas of Layout Design, ASIC design, systems integration and customized turnkey solutions, and in the provision of complete solutions to all the requirements. Their supplies are mainly to companies, in the areas of   Wireless and RF, storage, processors, networking and power management.
Regulator of best semiconductor services
Sivaramakrishna Popuri, Founder & CEO has an extensive experience in end-to-end development of Analog & Mixed Signal and ASIC Products. He graduated in VLSI System Design from Coventry University, UK. He served several semiconductor companies in various positions and helped them to tapeout nearly 30+ IC’s in his career. Sivaram’s strategic priorities towards his company include accelerating the growth of business units, delivering exceptional service and value to customers.
Eminent services
SiValley Technologies offer variety of services starting in Analog & Mixed Signal and Digital Design domain.
Under Analog and Mixed Signal, they have design and layout experts in fields such as data converters, high speed serial interfaces, Wireless and RF Communication and power management products.
Since the demand for personal electronics market and digital circuit design has largely increased and time has become a major factor in service delivery, their experts are also present in complete physical design flow, RTL design, physical verification,  RTL verification and Soc Integration.
SiValley also offers interface IPs at lowest foot print and power. They are flexible in customizing IPs as per exact customer requirements. They have road map for rich portfolio of IPs relating to SERDES, USB Type –C Connector/Port  ECO system which helps the customers to pick their required IPs at one place.
Upgrading with latest trends and technology
Adapting to latest and trending technologies has never been a challenge for SiValley technologies as they have a team of fully equipped experts who are largely experienced and truly-understand the importance of constant upgrade of skills and technology. They have highly experienced, passionate design and sales team who constantly analyse market trends and help their customers as per latest technologies and trends.
Inculcating unmatchable values
Competition is inevitable, especially in semiconductor sector. So, to tackle this competition head-on, SiValley always does everything within their reach to offer their customers world-class services on any area of customer’s interest. Even every single team member is accounted with upgradation of the latest skills and knowledge to meet up with customer’s need. In line with their top notched services, SiValley also ensure that their core values which are integrity, innovation and excellence are felt in all their services.
SiValley’s IPs are provided with tight quality specifications against competition. At the same time, they encourage their customers to approach them for any kind of customization or specific problems or requirements they face.
Three pillars of SiValley: Integrity, Innovation and Excellence
“Keep thinking for innovating ideas” makes SiValley inline with semiconductor domain leading companies. The bedrock of the company has always and will always be built on three vital points which are Integrity, Innovation and Excellence. When SiValley faced many hardships, these values helped them to pull through. Despite being a well-known organization, customers always expect you to be truthful and committed, bring up new ideas to solve new challenges and then add professionalism and expertise to your work.
Semiconductor industry at its zenith
Sivaramakrishna, who is fully and directly involved in the industry for years, from observation deduced that the semiconductor industry for a number of years has been on a steady acceleration. Even more so, its growth rate has significantly increased closely since plans went underway for commercialization of the industry. Without any foreseen situation, he claims that this growth is expected to continue for the next 6 years or more. This is a good time for start up companies as Fab/EDA costs would come down based on high volumes and provides opportunity spaces for small and medium players.
Becoming competent in electronic services globally
Vision of SiValley Technologies has always been to continue building on the success recorded so far with the ultimate plan of one day becoming the most competent company in semiconductor services not just in India but also in the global electronics market.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Semiconductor Companies

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