Vivartan Technologies: Bridging the gap between industry and academia

The current growth in semiconductors can be attributed to the advancement in Internet of Things (IoT) and lower technology nodes like FINFETs. The advent of IoT has opened numerous opportunities for the semiconductor industry. With FINFET nodes and IoT’s expansion, semiconductor industry would require more people and high quality manpower to churn out new designs with less power, less area, but high efficiency. With increasing growth rates in the Smartphone market, Consumer market, Automotive and IoT could serve as an important source of revenue for the semiconductor industry. This increases the requirement for quality and skilled VLSI engineers who are ready to be deployed to work from day one in the industry. To fulfill these demands, Vivartan Technologies started to empower and enable engineering students or new graduate community to choose a career of their choice in core engineering domains, and in the process, leave them equipped with qualitative knowledge and better skills in terms of analytical thinking, self-learning, leadership and job knowledge as needed for industry.
Creating quality, employable, and industry ready engineering professionals
Vivartan considers education powerfully confederated with training and development as a tool; to enable people in fulfilling the market demand consistently. The Project-based approach followed by Vivartan equips the students with industry ready skills. The students are groomed to be independent and qualified in problem-solving by the end of the program. E.g. A student is given a problem and asked to solve it with very little help from the trainers. The trainers are trained to give hints that will lead them towards a solution. The hints will only lead to acquiring more knowledge which actually helps to solve the problem themselves. This helps trainees to develop solution-oriented mindset and improves self-learning ability which is a key aspect of the industry.
Currently, Vivartan offers training programs in Custom Physical Design or Custom Layout for people who have completed engineering and a Certificate Program in VLSI design for students pursuing Engineering. They conduct programs in collaboration with the ATME College of Engineering. They aim to start more programs and more collaborations in near future. They are also planning to start digital design & verification and Digital P & R programs during the next year. Vivartan believes in long term training programs rather than short term programs as they want to bring in high-quality training and delivery.
Vivartan stitches the whole program from module to module. This helps students in understanding the complete VLSI design flow. Project based learning has given Vivartan better results as compared to theory and simple practical oriented approaches. Every module has a small project and students are assisted in integrating/using these small projects in a bigger project.
Planner of Vivartan Technologies
Sunil Kumar HV is the Founder of Vivartan. He has an overall experience of 13 years in the Industry, including 11 years of experience in VLSI and 2 years of experience in Sales & Marketing of Industrial Motors and Automation Solutions. He worked on Custom Physical Design of various Analog, Mixed Signal & I/O blocks, Standard Cells, Chip Level Integration & Verification in various tech nodes – from 400nm BiCMOS till 7nm FINFET.
Simplifying the way for jobseeker and employer
Actually, Vivartan’s products are industry ready engineers who can be productive in their work with minimal training on company specific flows. Vivartan uniquely provides long term training which is the need of the hour to make people solution-oriented rather than just creating knowledge junkies.
Training from working professional
Today’s learning is becoming increasingly competitive for students, institutions and as well for corporations. Vivartan believes that every individual must develop abilities in accelerated learning, and self-learning along with specialized domain skills required for their career.
The outcome of Vivartan program offerings is to produce high quality, skilled and industry ready professionals for niche and hi-tech industries. Its program offerings are designed while keeping the above articulated idea in mind. It has always been at the back of team Vivartan’s mind – what makes learning more enjoyable. All their programs are designed with the competence of both technical skills and soft skills. Engineering Colleges play the vital and dual role in Vivartan’s model. They are Vivartan’s primary and strategic partners as well as customers in achieving its mission.
“We are training providers. Adapting to the ever changing technologies is the key part of our training program,” asserts Sunil about flexibility. Every member of Vivartan’s team is an active working professional from various companies; who are passionate about contributing to the student community and to define a profound way of holistic learning resulting in competent talent pool. TeamVivartan comprises of experts from various domains of IC design who are currently working on high-end processor designs and cutting edge technology nodes including the latest 7nm FINFET process node. This enables Vivartan in creating and fine tuning its training programs in sync with frequently changing industry needs.
Strategies for success
Team Vivartan believes in Collaborating with like minded than Competing. They just compete with themselves to become better than yesterday. Team Vivartan work with a vision of creating preferred sourcing partners; for hi-tech and niche technology companies.
Vivartan’s mission

  • Design and Deliver programs, creating best quality, employable, industry ready professionals.
  • Create a robust model bridging Industry and Academia for a conscious engineering community.
  • Build a scalable model to enable the growing need for employable engineers.

Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Semiconductor Companies

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