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Swapnil Jadhav | Founder | Hardcastle GIS
Swapnil Jadhav | Founder | Hardcastle GIS

Hardcastle GIS is a Global Geospatial Solution Provider with a focus on agile development of Geospatial, Software Development, Data Analytics, and Mobile Application. It reduce development risk by offering rapid time-to-market while delivering standards-based software code that can be transitioned to an internal team anytime. Here, the Founder of the company Swapnil Jadhav have shared some insightful views and highlighted the influences made by their company to be the most recommended GIS Solution Provider Companies in India.
IS: Brief us about the journey of your company– origin, inception, early challenges, success stories, major milestones, to name a few.
The journey started right after the college to pursue a childhood dream of starting up the company, I built a free website and published it online, started promoting the company on google and various other groups for GIS industry. One day, we got an inquiry from a customer regarding a GIS Project requirement, we meet the client and had no corporate experience, but we met the client and satisfied him in meeting that we can deliver the job, and after few meeting. We had got our first GIS Customer until then we didn’t have an office or employee. Right after we received our first customer within 15 days of starting the company out of home, we started our operations and since then we are going strong for the past 9 years. We accomplished quite a few projects like delivering Vehicle Tracking system for illicit liquor prevention for Maharashtra state excise department, Work on GIS analytics with Mckinsey & Company, working for GIS Survey & Mapping projects in Qatar and Muscat, etc.
IS: Brief us about the CEO/Founder of your company. 
Our Founder is Swapnil Jadhav who is young 30 years entrepreneur who started this company right after college and without work experience or corporate experience is still going strong in the market for the last 9 years and become one of known gis company across the globe.
IS: Kindly talk about the exclusive services offered by the company that distinguishes you from your competitors?
Our solutions are built on open-source platforms which saves our customer huge licensing cost, apart from this our solutions are offered free 1-year support as our post-sales activity.
IS: What is the vision and mission of your company?
We believe location intelligence unlocks data’s potential in every organization, and we want to build a solution which people can utilize to solve new upcoming problems.
IS: Kindly introduce us to the current project/projects you are working on?
We are working on Mapping 50+ Indian cities road network, which would be utilized by global leaders such as Apple Maps,  Here Maps, etc.
We are also working on the 3D mapping of entire states, the output data will be used by the government  for their water, agriculture, and defense-related application.
Our Illicit Liquor Prevention systems are being used across different states after successful implementation in Maharashtra.
We help the Maharashtra state government with GIS integrations and Mapping for prestigious MahaRERA Projects.
IS: What kind of industrial as well as regulatory level challenges do you face today?
The primary source for most of the information is via the satellite imagery, today till date procurement of satellite imagery is a time consuming and tedious process compared to other countries in the world.
IS: Kindly elaborate on the distinctive services relate to GIS.
Enterprise GIS Design, Upgrades, Implementation, and Support
Getting the design right is critical to any Enterprise GIS effort. Getting it right requires a team with the experience and expertise needed to develop a solution that meets the business requirements and goals of the client, while effectively leveraging the capabilities offered in the rapidly evolving IT platforms used by the organization. Hardcastle team has decades of experience designing GIS Enterprise solutions for organizations of all sizes and has the hands-on experience required to implement the design and provide support. This depth of experience ensures our clients get more than just a design, they get a solution that works.
GIS Data Management
The success of Enterprise GIS applications often depends on the quality of the underlying data. Creating and maintaining high-quality data requires a thorough understanding of the data models involved and the tools and workflows used to manipulate those data models. When it comes to collecting, migrating, organizing, and updating the GIS data for a client, Hardcastle has the expertise to streamline this process and ensure the data is secure and easily accessible.
3D GIS Mapping and Modeling
Hardcastle team of GIS modeling and mapping experts will collaborate with your organization to create a detailed and interactive 3D model of a landscape that can assist in everything from urban planning and construction to transportation development and virtual tours.
To read more visit https://hardcastlegis.com/GIS-Applications.html
IS: How are you providing solutions to organizations that help them to transform as ‘Eco-Enterprises’?
Our most of the solutions are capturing information using remote sensing technique and our software help such enterprise achieve their goals.
IS: How do you portray the future of your company?
We would want to portray as a GIS company which would GIS Operations Hub, where we would essentially not only build a platform but also operate the same for our clients.
Hardcastle GIS: Quick Facts

  • Headquarter in: Pune ( India ) and other offices in London and New York
  • Founded in Year: 2011
  • Total number of clients served & Countries served:350 Clients in 53 Country
  • Major Prominent Clients: Mckinsey & Company, BDO, Maharashtra State Government
  • Stronghold Business Territory: Maharashtra, Gujrat , New York State
  • Annual turnover on the founding year and current year (Approx.): 8 Lac to 2 Cr
  • Your Tagline: Paint the world with a click of a Mouse

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