Hawking UAV: Venturing the Skies with Innovation and Technological Excellence

Hawking UAV | Dhinesh Thangavelu |Joseph Kanagaraj

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, more commonly know as a drone is at the pinnacle of its innovation. We aren’t unaware of the fact that the drone technology is envisioned to be implemented in a plethora of industries.

From transportation to surveillance, a drone can make it possible. Comprehending the potential of this technological marvel, a considerable number of companies have turned towards making the most of this potential.

We at Insights Success, bring to your desk, the story of once such company that developed this technological potential into reality; a company named Hawking UAV.

In the following interview with Dhinesh Thangavelu and Joseph Kanagaraj with the team at Hawking UAV shared some valuable insights into the UAV Industry and the associated challenges and opportunities in the market.

What is your vision behind your startup? Tell us how the idea came about. 

To utilize the power of Drones, to deliver smart solutions, to bridge the gap between the sky and the earth using cutting edge UAV Technology and give a bird’s eye assessment for associated industries, that is our vision.

Our aim is to create impact in people’s life and in the industrial sectors. We came up with an idea on Drones as we dream to leave our footprints in the space industry and the defence sector of India.

What are Hawking UAV’s range of products and solutions? 

We at Hawking UAV are engineers who are passionate about Drone technology and its applications viz., Agriculture, Utilities, Civil construction, Medical, Defence, Surveillance and Transportation. 

We are experts in Drones/UAV, Fixed wing Air crafts and Advanced GIS Technologies. We are also involved in LIDAR Data processing and Aerial Data Processing. With active research being conducted at our premises in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Battery Technologies, Material Science, Hawking aims to be a global leader in Drone Technology. 

We are here to provide UAV based Engineering Training and Workshop for those who are passionate about this technology. We also conduct workshops and in-house training for all the engineering colleges and working professionals. 

What were the challenges you came across during the inception of your startup? 

We faced a significant number of challenges in terms of government approvals and the regulations framed by DGCA; we could not match all the norms drafted at the beginning levels. Awareness on Drone Technology among the public sectors tend to be low. Another underlying challenge, rather a humorously stereotypical one, is that everyone’s perspective on the use of drones is only limited to marriage functions. 

As pioneers of a more commercial usage of the drone technology, what is your opinion on the current landscape of startup culture in India?

Technology plays a vital role in changing the business model behaviour now-a-days. Startup culture is very good to encourage since we have various problems in our day-to-day life. If each one finds the solution to each problem, then their startup is paved. There are government regulations and incentives to help these startups to grow and sustain and that definitely helps to put us on the map.

According to you, how important is it to be updated with technology as per your industry sector?

Updating with Technologies at regular interval should be the most important aspect for businesses and the startups. It is the only way which keeps you in the business house and able to run the show.

How do you strategize on scaling your company in the future?

We at Hawking UAV are tying up with European and American companies for Product development in the Defence sector. Installed carbonfiber plant for the fabrication of Drone Product Development. Kids DIY Drones are in final Stage of production. We are implementing VR/AR training methodology for training drone pilots. BVLOS Drones/fixed wing will be launched by Hawking for Long range surveillance. We are also opening up two more verticals in HAWKING –VR/AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality)and 3D printing for Medical and Aviation Sectors.

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