India’s largest deployment of smart street lights

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Tata Communications plans to bring 15,000 smart street lights into effective action in Jamshedpur city that can be operated as well as controlled through internet.
Tata Communications is in partnership with an electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) firm, Motwane successful  to complete and deliver end-to-end solutions of 300 smart street lights for (Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Co Ltd, which is India’s only comprehensive urban infrastructure service provider.)
“JUSCO’s project in Jamshedpur is the biggest smart city with 300 street lightning deployment of its kind in India. It will pave the way for a total of 15,000 lights that are to be installed in the city in the coming five years,”A Tata Communications official said in a statement.
Switching the lights on, off or dimming them remotely are some of the smart features the system offers and most interestingly, it can be controlled from a central command Centre. It even helps in reducing manpower costs and lower the energy consumption with the unique feature of adjusting the lights in clusters depending on the requirement of each location, the statement added.
“Smart Street lighting system is highly needed in India that will help us in saving energy effectively, get real-time reports, reduce CO2 emissions, complete control over the light intensity and lower down the maintenance costs efficiently”.
Ashish Mathur, JUSCO Managing Director said “IoT will not only help us in reducing the carbon footprint but also it saves around 700 INR per light per year, because of its extremely lower power consumption”
India’s smart street lighting market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 42.2% between the years 2016-2022.
By reducing India’s carbon footprint, Tata Communications attributed the growth to the government’s mission, which includes replacing traditional high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) that has greater consumption of energy and generate huge amount of heat, with highly energy-efficient smart street lights.
While speaking about the future plans Senior VP and Head for Internet of Things, V S Shridhar addressed that they are looking forward to work with similar forward-looking organizations like JUSCO which will help in bringing together millions of connected applications and devices, and will create an India-wide mesh of smart campuses, buildings, fleet management systems, utility sites, healthcare and security services completely powered by our public IoT network which is based on LoRaWANTM technology.
In 2017, Tata Comm has already rolled out smart street lights in 38 cities and has planned to implement these smart lights in many more cities in next 2 years.

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