Starting Home delivery of diesel: Indian Oil Corporation

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Groceries to electronic everything can be ordered at home by click of a button, so why not fuel? This is what authorities of Indian Oil Corporation thought and decided to start delivering diesel to diesel vehicle owners.  Started in Pune city, Maharashtra and will be expanded to other cities as well in the coming future.
Ministry of oil said that for the benefit of customers, government was exploring various options about how to deliver petrol and diesel at door step by pre-booking of oil. “This initiative will help customers in avoiding spending excess of time which will also ease the task of waiting in long queues at fuel stations,” Ministry of Oil added.
Petrol, due to its flammable nature isn’t safe to be transported so for now, Indian Oil will only focus on home delivering diesel to customers.
Earlier, Sanjiv Singh IOC Chairman and Managing Director had said that the company was more aggressive on diesel because it is safer to handle.
This isn’t the first attempt of delivering fuel at home. According to reports – In Bengaluru, ANB Fuels had started the initiative under the brand name MyPetrolPump but had to suspend operations within 4 days of commencing business after they received circular issued from PESO that cited the dangers of transporting fuel, as it is an unsafe practice.
Details on how to pre-order diesel is yet to be announced by the Indian Oil Corporation. Moreover, details like if there is a limit of how much can be ordered or if there will be a premium charge levied on the fee are still not clear. Customers expect more details on the fee which is still unclear.

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