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A certain charisma surrounds you if you are an influential leader. Part of it — but only part — is position or title. The bigger portion is self-confidence, energy level, interest in other people and comfort with the challenges at hand. You may not want to believe these things matter, but they do. At a high-level, Jay who Founded Launchship Technology Solutions’ roles and responsibilities are to set strategy and direction for the long term sustainable growth of the organization. On the technology and product development front, he provides his vision and strategy on evolving technologies to adopt which are going to embrace the future products that company need to build and markets they need to target for. His focus is to ensure that everyone understands their “Team First” culture, values and behavior, while building a senior executive team. He also ensures proper allocation of capital for various business needs.
As Launchship believes Team First Approach. Jay is keen in nurturing the culture, values and same transforms to his senior executives more aggressively for the stronger foundation of the company.
Luminary Behind Launchship
Jay Shetty, founded Launchship Technology Solutions in the year 2011 with a vision to provide IT and IT enabled services to customers worldwide. He has started off his career as a Developer in the United states and eventually scaled up to the positions of Consultant, Software Development Manager, and Sr. Project Manager to the current position of CEO. His expertise expands into wide range of Technological, Technical, Operational, Functional, Business and People Management verticals.
Jay has over 17 years of experience in various aspects of Software development, Vendor management, People management, Strategic and Operational planning. His extensive expertise combined with positive attitude, excellent problem solving skills and unparalleled understanding of clients’ requirements have been the driving force for his team as well as the company.The mission of the company is to develop customized and advanced solutions using partnership approach with high maintenance standards that are cost effective. He has been responsible for taking care of the company’s mission, being the driving force of the company’s vision and also building company’s overall strategy.
Systematized Services by Launchship
Launchship Divisions, launchship group of companies has dedicated focused teams to take care of respective divisions.
Launchship Technology Division Takes care of IT and ITES Services, focuses providing solutions based on client’s business needs from software product development to back office management.
Launchship IT &Media: Division takes care of Game development focusing on casual and puzzle games and on multiplayer games with VR and AR capabilities and Building products based Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Launchship Products
A Team which is capable to Take the Idea to Market-Space Vision
Launchship is taking a proactive approach to take care of day to day challenges to reach their goals, incase of identifying any unforeseen challenges, based on the criticality they consult the appropriate team members to provide and apply a solution and update the respective stake holders.
Ever evolving technology and Launchship’s highly motivated and overarching team inspires to explore for more opportunities. Launchship as mentioned earlier has a strong, motivated and overarching team, who understand the concept of taking the idea to market-space vision, work as solution providers rather than mere instruction followers.
Company’s Moto Should be Within Everyone’s Reach
Define a Vision/Mission statement and ensure everyone in the organization are aware of the same and have an open communication channels across all levels that builds the trust and transparency.
Checklist from Jay to be a Successful Leader
For Jay, with the experience gained while supervising different teams, leadership got enhanced and he has described a perfect leader who needs to posses mentioned qualities: Believe in self, Having a clear vision, Be a good listener, Knowing, respecting and motivating their team, Willing to embrace change, Knowing when and what to delegate, Make tough decisions, Knowing the difference between leading versus pushing the team.
Technology is the Core Need for Every Task Today
Technology had become part and parcel of many organizations, technology ensures the tasks are achieved with greater accuracy and efficiency. Embracing technology is leading towards greater ROI for the organizations.
Technology on a day to day life is on the raise not just from using smartphones but Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with advancement in robotics is impacting our life is various ways, early adopter do see the benefits from these advances, driverless automobiles, robots in warehouses to missions in outer space are just few examples in these areas.
Future Plans for the Launchship
Focusing on building products based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and using these products internally for the games and solutions they offer. This ensure Launchship has its IP on products focused on these areas. They are building games, videos and apps based on VR and AR technologies targeting for both entertainment and educational purposes.
Be Ready to Take Up Challenges -Advice to the Young Ones
Keep your eyes open for evolving technologies, choosing a career in IT to make a difference means understanding the phrase “change is the only constant thing”, be ready to take up any challenge.
Source :-The 30 Most Admired Tech Leaders to Watch in 2018

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