Vijay Vaidyanathan: An Ardent Serial Entrepreneur cum Technophile

Vijay Vaidyanathan
Vijay Vaidyanathan

If you own a business and want it to smoothly function then you have to mandatorily possess good decision making skills. Just a single wrong decision and everything will come down to turmoil in a jiffy. It is crucial for every business owner to understand the weight behind each decision they make, and to continually improve their decision-making skills. But here arises a question; do we need advance technological tools to streamline our decision making process? Do the CXOs need to adopt these tools to revamp their business models? The answer is Yes! And it’s high time now for businesses to adopt these tools if they want to retain their position in this rapidly growing tech savvy world. To provide answers to this entire dilemma comes Npedia Technologies – a leading technology business transformation company which works with a primary focus on providing value services for technology and digital transformational journey. The driving force behind Npedia Technologies is Vijay Vaidyanathan; who is an ardent serial entrepreneur with over 25+ years of worldwide experiences with product & services companies such as Oracle, Yahoo!, eBay, PwC and Cognizant. He has also founded and exited two product startups with diverse technology and business expertise.
Meet the Forerunner of Npedia Technologies
Being the Founder and CEO of a rapidly growing company is not at all an easy task to accomplish. But, a person like Vijay Vaidyanathan has not only seamlessly worked on his role of being a founder, but also pushed himself to take Npedia Technologies to new heights.
Starting from the time of inception, Vijay’s roles were focused on being the vision holder, providing direction, encouragement, and making sure their solutions and services are in-line with world-class expectations. Elaborating his diversified roles, Vijay says, “Our Customers and their goals need constant alignment and my responsibilities were also to make sure that we are there to provide the requirements to enable our growth. We provide Business digital transformation, and so I work constantly with the CXO of other companies to help them take better decisions and adopt technology.”
Leaving No Stones Unturned
For Vijay ‘Inspiration’ is a multi-directional aspect which comes from many sources to help his team to keep chugging along their digital transformative journey maps, which they pass on to their customers. Also at Npedia Technologies, under Vijay’s guidance his team works very closely with universities and prestigious professional organizations to create new models to engage students to leverage their enthusiasm and provide an opportunity to nurture them.
Vijay says he gets inspired by looking up to the people who achieve great success in spite of all their difficulties, or their limitations, and by only focusing on training their minds to succeed and make a mark for themselves as well as for the future generations to come.
Despite running a leading company in a competitive market, Vijay had always been crystal clear with his goals. Vijay with his team aims to provide the best solutions and technology directions to their customers in the areas of Business Digital transformations, Machine Learning and AI. Vijay believes in constantly monitoring and measuring their successes by aligning themselves with their customer’s goals, while ensuring that they are on top of the best technology solutions that can be offered to solve business problems.
Npedia Technologies: Taking care of Client’s Technologies and Helping them to Focus on their Products
Npedia Technologies provides ML and AI driven strategies to facilitate digital transformations by understanding the Machine Translation technologies. To stand apart and outshine its competitors, Npedia uses natural language processing to create a seamless and interactive interface between humans and machines that are a top priority in increasingly cognitive applications. Its services involve CIO/CTO expertise on demand, without the price-tag of full-time CXOs. Through leadership, innovative thinking, early adoption techniques, new business models (like “gig hub for enterprise”) and incorporating digitization, Npedia helps in building a better and wider decision-making authority. Npedia also caters to diverse set of domains in market, with Machine learning (ML) usage in healthcare and life science being their major focus area.
Technology is the Major Element to Success
Npedia provide Business Digital transformative solutions to their customers. Technology has become the front-runner for all types of businesses today, and so it is a core component for most organizations. Their CXO service roles helps non-technology driven organizations, to embrace and adopt them, and be transformational in their future. Today, technology is embedded in all our day-to-day lives, that the sooner we embrace it gracefully, the better our lives is likely to be.
Closing the Digital Gap with NLP based Voice Integration of Npedia
As speech-understanding technology and voice-input applications improve, the need for NLP is increasing steadily. Question-Answering (QA) is becoming vital for successful customer traction with applications such as OK Google, Amazon Alexa, chat boxes and virtual assistants. NLP based Voice integration of Npedia – is pushing the application delivery to Zero Graphical UI, thereby closing the digital gap.
Use Technology Wisely and Be Updated, Message for Youth
Young millennials are mostly born digital. Unlike some of us who have come up from the non-core technology days, the younger workforce must align themselves with the disruptions coming their way, keep themselves updated, use technology wisely, learn coding, math and some data sciences, to transform themselves and fit into the future data-centric world of decisions we are all entering in the near future. If you have entrepreneurial dreams, explore it with passion, and start early. There are no eligibility criteria – the technology business at this point is democratized.
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