Sandeep Jangala: A Strategist in a Quest for Innovation

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Indian talent is woven into the core of the software technologies that most people use every day. With each passing day, as technology becomes a more intrinsic part of our day to day activity, it is very interesting to note that, a number of young Indian Entreprenuers are making an indelible mark for themselves, in their quest to further integrate technology into our lives through their out of the box thinking. Appoids is one such firm that’s making its mark in the field of technology with a key focus on IoT and AI. The company is headed by Sandeep Jangala, who is the CEO. He primarily takes care of strategy, new innovations and exploration of new markets, while Snehal Jangala, who is the COO, is responsible for opeartions and implementation strategy of the company’s various products.
Troubleshooting a Problem Intrigues Sandeep
For Sandeep, solving a problem has always been a thing of interest. It is this interest that drives him to explore new areas and new technologies. For him, the key aspect of an entrepreneur is the ability to connect the dots across varied fields and new technologies, thereby innovating unique and interesting solutions. He has always been willing to go the extra mile to attain the position that he is at present.
Level of Detailing and Customization Differentiates Appoids from Others
The key differentiation is Appoids’ ability to solve problems by developing customized solutions for clients which is incomparable in the market as other players products are very generalistic in nature. Their solutions are built right from scratch based on client specific requirements. The entire solution concept and design is engineered by Appoids based on client problem statement.
Effective and Innovative Services of Appoids
Using IoT and AI, combined with some innovating thinking, Appoids has come up with some unique solutions that cater to both the government as well as the private sector which are described below:
A Company’s Success comes with Happy Employees and Innovation
Appoids has been able to device a very good working culture where everyday is enjoyable and collaboration across teams purely exist. Another key factor to company’s success is Innovation. If you can’t differentiate your product in the market, you will be just another “me too” product which makes sale of that product very difficult.

  • SHIKSHAN: A mobile and web based solution that helps government education departments manage schools effectively, thereby driving greater operational efficiency. It is presently deployed in 4 states in India. The solution has been able to address may key issues such as teacher absenteeism, siphoning of funds for schools and addressing many teacher related problems.
  • STREAMLINE: Their patented product that provides “On Demand Entertainment” content to any user with a smart phone or a laptop. The user can stream the content onto their devices without the need of Internet or a mobile application. Interestingly it also works on any operating system on a basic browser.
  • WHAM: An AI driven, Retail IoT platform that helps physical stores drive footfalls. It users our Patented AI based Customer-Targeting System that understands customer behavior and their purchase patterns and helps stores pull customers through customerized targeting. The app has got over 15 lakh downloads in just 9 months and recorded sales worth more than 8 crores till date.
  • ELEKTRON: An Industrial IoT product, that is deployed in manufacturing plants and large establisments to monitor the energy consuptions patterns to drive efficient usage of power. It helps plant managers to identify any anomalies in consumption patterns and triggers automatic alerts with cloud connected interfaces. The system is used by many big names in the industry including Swaraj Tractors at their manufacturing plants.
  • FEEDO: Retail cloud-connected feedback management system, that provides an easy to use feedback system at the store level. The system is installed at the store POS, where the customer can easily give their feedback with the touch of a few buttons.
  • SWACHH: Designed to help achieve the objectives of PM’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the system automatically monitors washrooms cleanliness using sensors. The system is connected to the could thereby enabling authorities to get real time status of public washrooms.

Resource Management is the Key to be a Successful Leader
Most important is your ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and see how you solve the puzzle and reach your final objectives. There is no point in criticizing employees when you know they don’t have the skill to execute a certain task.
A leader should be able to motivate his/her employees to work hard, learn new skills and encourage them to speak their thoughts out. When more people start talking, there are more perspectives to think about, and your product is better ready even before you go to the field.
The final factor would be confidence in taking tougher decisions and sticking to them. It’s very key that a leader sticks by his/her decisions with a lot of self-belief and ensures that others believe in the product as well.
A Strong Workforce Remains the Cornerstone for Appoids
Being a small company with only four years behind them, it’s a huge challenge in many aspects such as client acquisition, multiple projects and limited work force. However, Appoids has effectively been able to overcome these challenges with the unique work culture  and talented workforce.
They follow a very strict hiring policy to ensure a lean and effective work force. Teams are trained across technologies to ensure that they are able to handle multiple projects without resource dependency. And, to ensure there is optimum utilization of time, daily and weekly targets are revisited.
Appoids Plans to Spread their Base Inside and Outside India
The future plan of Appoids is to drive existing products into newer markets and spread their base. They are already exploring the northern markets of the country and also seek to explore markets outside India.
Considering the last year award as one of the top 20 IoT companies in India, the company is looking forward to make a big impact in the field of IoT.
Seek for Challenges in Every Job
If you are seeking a job, remember to become a valuable asset to the company before seeking out better pay packages. Once you are valuable sky is the limit in terms of pay. Also, look for a job that’s challenging. If it doesn’t post a challenge where you need to learn new technology or new processes, it doesn’t add anything to your portfolio.
Well, if you are seeking to be an entrepreneur, make sure you have the right team, have done good background research into the product domain and have worked out the business model well. Get ready to sacrifice a lot especially a lot of your personal life and get ready to put in the hours because, it’s not going to be easy even with a great product and market size.
Source :-The 30 Most Admired Tech Leaders to Watch in 2018

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