Nitesh Kumar: A Leading Entrepreneur Driving Businesses towards Success

As technology continues to evolve at the speed of light and getting smarter, the businesses are also getting the potential to become more efficient, and competition is getting harder day by day. To succeed in this stiff competition, business must have to move with a greater speed. One such influential entrepreneur, Nitesh Kumar, Director of AATH Info Solutions, which is headquartered in Delhi, India, is moving ahead with his team, towards capturing opportunities. Nitesh has completed his education –B-Tech in computer science and engineering. Nitesh is having over seven years of vast experience in business development and project management. He has successfully managed various projects like Search Engine Optimization Services and Web Development Application’s, Develop strategic project approaches, detailed project plans and formulates strategies for its focus and positioning.
Journey with the Team
Where there is a will, there’s a way”, believing on one of the popular saying, Nitesh started with a very small team size; committing to serve the needs of the clients,  as much better as he can. Despite of having a small team size, with the hard work and passion, Nitesh led his team to gradually increase the performance and deliver extraordinary solution.
Five Elements that Makes the Difference
Nitesh mentioned five elements, which are—readiness for the risks, loyalty, worship, passion, & delivering extraordinary services, that make AATH Info Solutions unique from other leading competitors in the market.
Stepping forward, Nitesh & his team strongly believes in working with enthusiasm, for becoming successful one, where client’s knowledge is more than the service. Nitesh shared his basic inspirational element of driving business ahead is “Addition to Success”. Further, he added —“Not only I but all my staff members are addicted to success, by giving excellent work to the customers and getting repeated work orders”.
Challenges driven by Nitesh
Nitesh shared, “Every employees of our company knows and understands the best way to make the company leading in the market, is to make the clients happy with their services, hence when customers will get exactly what they were looking for and so they use to give repeat businesses to the company”. He also elaborates proudly that this is the best thing associated with his company, & hence, with this small mantra, he’s been able to incorporate into the day to day challenges and company goals.
AATH Info Offering Excellent Services
AATH Info Solutions offers software development, website development, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and mobile applications development. The company is also specializing in web application design, programming, database design, SEO, SMO, link building, content writing, ERP Software, and CRM.
AATH Info Solutions is one of the pioneers in India which is achieving enormous growth in the area of information technology. The solutions offered by the company are completely unique, private labeled, and trust worthy which are aimed to offer quality and technology filled solutions to the clients.
Being a Prudent Leader
“The essence of the statesmanship is not a rigid adherence to the past but a prudent and probing concern for the future”—Hubert H. Humphrey (Former Vice President of US). Quoting his spirit, Nitesh stated—“Collecting and Interpreting Clients requirements appropriately, Formulating Strategies, Managing the project, Communicating with the Clients, Meeting with key corporate clients, Responsible for one point services to the clients, Market research and analysis, Handling our team members, Asking Our Clients for Feedbacks, are the few roles and responsibilities as they are never ending”.
Golden words for the Budding Entrepreneurs
Nitesh felt glad while sharing the piece of advices for his budding entrepreneurs. While he mentioned key points which a successful leader must accomplish, along with faith, choice, admiration, facilitating the team, & a clear vision. He also shared that passion, honesty and giving best performance are the pivotal points, where one should improve more, because those are the points where one may lack or one may neglect. Well, Nitesh firmly believes in the statement—“Leaders are not made, they are born, and thus becoming a successful leader is not the coffee of everyone’s cup!”
Future Panorama
Nitesh is planning expand his company in different cities in the coming years. In today’s world, technology has become a chief portion of daily life in the business feature and in our private lives as well. Security has become one of the major factors which   Keeps the financial and private business data safe.
Source :-The 30 Most Admired Tech Leaders to Watch in 2018

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