Maharaja Creations: Glorifying an Era with Jaisalmer Golden Stone

Maharaja Creations
Maharaja Creations

The glowing spirit in the yellow sandstone glitters to illuminate the eyes of the beholder with a shimmering shine. Such is the grandeur of this exquisite yellow limestone and sandstone of Jaisalmer, famously known as the Jaisalmer Golden Stone, that it has been extensively used in the architectonic heritage of western India transforming an era into the golden era. This golden yellow limestone and sandstone-built architectonic heritage impart an exquisite character to Jaisalmer city, which is popularly known as ‘The Golden City.’

Akshya Ojha, the Founder, and Director has avowed to uncover this fading heritage, and bring back the losing shine by Glorifying our modern era with his legendary Grandfather, Mr B.R. Ojha’s blessings, and his legacy Maharaja Creations, which Akshya wishes to continue with Jaisalmer Golden Stone––a company that symbolizes impeccable quality and the real face of Jaisalmer stone.

Carving The Sparkling Stones

Respected by its peers and customers alike, JGS has been steadfast in its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The brand’s roots come from the monumental legacy established by the late Mr B.R. Ojha as Jaisalmer’s best producer of natural stones since 1965.

The exquisite range of many qualities of yellow marble, stone, and semi-precious Jaisalmer stones is procured from Jaisalmer’s finest mine quarries. All these things are done with the proper process of making as fine as with gold processing.

Today, JGS’s success results from management that is highly motivated, passionate, and driven by values such as excellence, quality, customer-centricity, trust, integrity, and innovation. These are some of the reasons to select JSG’s craftily articulated products. Akshya says, “We are born in this land of Jaisalmer. Rajasthan has been home to our ancestors from the beginning. Today we have developed Maharaja Creations as a vast processing and experience centre.”

The widest range of Jaisalmer Golden Stone and stone is displayed online as well as in art galleries, for customers to pick and choose based on requirements of exclusive variants like Jaisalmer golden stone, Eta-gold, Flower-gold, Golden Paradise, Teak wood, Mint Yellow, Habour, etc.

“With these products, we are working in our homes and workshops to decorate, craft, and carve articles hand-made with stone and developed in the shapes like bowls, glass, dinnerware, tableware, and many more item for a kitchen resembling that of the royals. And we are continuously supplying to our corporate clients for gifting at a huge level,” informs Akshya.

Secondly, the JSG team does a market mapping service to help clients understand the quality of Golden Stone available in Jaisalmer both within and outside their corporate boundaries and how specific structures of stone are structured across the world for that authentic heritage look.

While revealing his and his teams’ many qualities, Akshya says that they are Interpersonal Skills, Communication and Time Management, Team Building, Stress Management, Productivity Improvement, Leadership training, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving. On the other hand, their technical training includes Total Quality Management, Quality-7QC Tools/Zero Defect Approach/TQM/TPM, Maintenance-Tool and Die History cards/Maintenance Pillars, etc.

Restoring the Cultural Heritage

Akshya furthers that his inspiration came from his grandfather. “My grandfather, Mr B.R. Ojha, devoted his life and time to the proliferation and development of our cultural heritage by bringing back the lost glory through Jaisalmer Golden Stone. He always believed that Jaisalmer is known as the golden city because, all its fort is renowned as The Golden Fort, and all the mountains of golden stone surrounding our land, which is the specialty of this place. He gave several lectures on empowering culture on the national level. Our Ex-Pm Mrs Indira Gandhi was also a fan of my grandpa for his dedication and passion towards restoring our heritage culture. Nothing else mattered to him. I, too, am very passionate about my heritage and culture and wanted to start giving service to our customers for their golden stone requirements and to help them along with a vision of transforming my people’s lives, and our autonomy and returning them their lost sense of heritage.” explains Akshya.

Speaking about the challenges he has to surmount to ensure JSG’s success rate reaches greater heights, Akshya mentions that they are from the Indo-Pak border of the LOC area, and their place still lacks basic facilities, such as water, electricity, roads, infrastructure, and connectivity with other parts of India and the world. Further, they have to constantly create awareness about this golden stone in their clientele. Other issues like Financial Management, Team Stability, Client Acquisition, and Client Retention are also faced and successfully encountered by them from time to time.

Akshya says that he could meet and defeat all of these challenges due to some professional values and qualities which are greatly admired by JSG’s clients. “We provide them with a one-stop-shop solution for Jaisalmer stone products and currently, apart from us, there is nobody available to customers who could easily reach them. We offer many interesting services with professional responsibility, accountability, shortest TAT, relevancy of our work, sincerity of team, and quality of our services- whatever we do, we do it well. Apart from that our customer support and integrity are top-notch,” he assures.  

The Golden Mountain of Trust

Sharing brand JSG’s USPs that highlight its uniqueness in the industry, Akshya says that they include,

  • Thinking out of the box,
  • Contributing to culture,
  • Proliferating our motherland by making it alive with roots,
  • Offering unique services and helping customers find their desired majestic golden stone products.

“What exactly makes these factors our ‘USP?’ By continuously demanding our products repeatedly, our long-term clients confirm again and again that our unique selling point is the quality of our service. The fact that we carry out all processes – from drafting, designing, R&D, and briefing to sample development – most efficiently, carefully, intensively and with the maximum personal dedication of each member of the team and, of course, also bring them to a successful conclusion,” states Akshya.

Sustainability – The Foundation of Existence

According to him, sustainability is the foundation of their existence, which means that they develop the best possible product for any customer with a long-term use result. Keeping a critical distance, objective assessment as well as procurement and evaluation of packing stage and use international packing standards and make products free of fragility with drop test packing. One-off business is not their objective. “Our existence is based on long-term customer relations and mutual trust. A significant fact in this context is that today we are still working together with a number of clients from our start-up years,” he mentions.   

As an experienced professional, Akshya’s advice to the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is pragmatic. He says, “Challenge yourself, know your cultural roots, and keep your culture alive. Keep your commitments, and complete your target with ‘Dedication- Sankalp.’ Take risks, have a clear vision, keep things simple, grow your network, and make precise financial planning.”

A Future with Golden Radiance

On envisioning brand JSG’s operations and offerings in the future, Akshya reveals that emerging technology can enable enterprise goals — but only if properly implemented. “We are going with the flow. Our main technology is the vision with thinking. Because every art piece is devolving with a vision and so many hand tools and hand process are used in making products and upgrading technology is known in our industry to transfer the art to next generation with proper awareness,” he says.

Properly implemented, emerging technologies can be powerful in helping companies solve business problems, scale on demand, improve resiliency, and deploy technology solutions rapidly and securely. “Companies should conduct a digital maturity assessment and determine areas where emerging technology could provide the greatest value or enable the organization to deliver on its strategies with greater certainty or at a faster pace. It’s also critical to have effective change management during the transition, otherwise, any technology program will never truly reap the intended benefits,” concludes Akshya.

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