Maxwell Logistics Pvt. Ltd: The Pioneers of Tech-Logistics Industry in India

Mr. Ravi Goel | Managing Director | Maxwell Logistics[Logistics Solutions segment, Transportation, insurance arrangement]
Mr. Ravi Goel | Managing Director | Maxwell Logistics[Logistics Solutions segment, Transportation, insurance arrangement]

With tech advancements and various reforms introduced by the Government, the Indian Logistics Industry is undergoing a radical transformation. With better avenues, the matured players are coming forward to be a part of the tech-driven operational transformation.

Focusing the spotlight on one such player – Maxwell Logistics Pvt. Ltd, this excerpt highlights the journey of the entity alongside mentioning the countless milestones it has achieved. To create a distinct niche in the Cargo Transportation and Logistics Solutions segment – Maxwell Logistics spearheads the innovative pathway that leads to new opportunities. The Company was established under the table guidance of Shri Ram Kumar Goel, a legend in the realm of Transportation and Founder & CMD of Associated Road Carriers Limited (ARC), the 2nd largest Transportation Firm in India. Its visionary Managing Director, Shri Ravi Goel, heads the dynamic and enthusiastic team of expert professionals.

Incorporated on 24th October 2007, this entity has diligently worked towards innovating solutions that have helped them to be the preferred choice of their clientele. As the business cemented its place in the market, the company has created two distinctive avenues – Transportation and Packing & Moving businesses. Today, it has over 32 branches that cater to transport operations and 8 branches that specifically manage the packing & moving business. Cementing its space in the transportation and packing & moving market, today it has evolved as one of the biggest industry players.

Few of its eminent corporate clients include:

Tech Mahindra, Reliance, Google, Amazon, ONGC, UNICEF, Spain embassy, Consulate General of U.S.A, L&T Group, Tata Group, Toshiba and many more.

The Leader

Graduating in Commerce and attaining a Post Graduation Diploma in Supply Chain Management, Ravi Goel had his eyes set for the future. A travel enthusiast, he likes to meet new people and socialize with people who are from different walks of life. Ravi commenced his professional journey in 2002 when he joined ARC.

Slowly and steadily, as he learned and completed his training, he was promoted as a VP and subsequently made a Director at ARC. He started Maxwell Logistics Pvt. Ltd in 2007. Initially, he started with 5 branches of Transportation division and later diversified into packing & moving business in 2009.


Maxwell Logistics is one of the most reliable and efficient service providers. The packing & moving Team systematically helps people to move to the desired destination in a comfy way and quick time. Providing top class service and taking utmost care of client’s belongings, it ensures to comply with stringent quality standards adhering to Industry best standards. Below is the list of exquisite services offered:

Packing & Moving Services

Domestic Relocation Services: Since 2009, it provides excellent domestic relocation services across the length and breadth of India. Moving of household goods, utensils, furniture, delicate goods and appliances – everything is managed professionally.

International Relocations: Maxwell renders prompt and expert overseas moving services with a tinge of uniqueness. Sophisticated packing of valuable goods, utmost care, secure storage, and adhering timelines is their forte.

Art and sculpture Relocations: We understand the importance of your art works. Maxwell is one of the Pioneers in offering customized packing and handling of the valuable fine art collection.

Office Relocations: Using high-quality pallets, crates, corrugated and wooden boxes for packing, the company has a complete organized setup. Right from logistics planning, operations, and insurance arrangement, Maxwell takes care of all needs.

Logistics Services:

FTL-Full Truck Load: The entity covers the truck with a high-quality canvas that does not allow rain, sunshine or anything else to deface or damage your goods. The objective is to shift all belongings in one go.

ODC & Project Transportation services: A large pool of trained and skilled experts earnestly creates a perfect fit vehicle that can easily move the essential part of the industry and we use sophisticated cranes for loading and unloading. Only certified chauffeur drives the ODC to finish the task in a time-bound manner.

Containerized services: One of the finest qualities of Maxwell is containerized services. Delivering the belongings in an impeccable state, through containerized vehicles, it ensures that the movement is completed within time.

Bulk Load services: The skilled crew works seamlessly to execute the job to transport raw material to the factory and therefore transporting raw material is not a problem anymore.

Technology is the Driving Force

Staying ahead of time is the only way to reach the epitome of success and Maxwell has embraced technology to the core to stay ahead of the players. It is customizing tailor-made solutions that help to streamline the process.

Installing Shipment tracking to having ERP for the automation of backend operations and managing the seamless connectivity across all offices and departments, technology is driving Maxwell. The entity also invests a lot in R&D work and competitor analysis methodologies. These strategies assist the company to face the challenges before they evolve as a problem.

The Future is Here

Maxwell carries a very optimistic outlook about the future of the Indian logistics industry. Terming it as the backbone of the economy, it feels that all the commercial sectors depend on logistics requiring an efficient, cost-effective flow of goods.

So if you are looking the best logistic provider who really cares for you – it’s time to call Maxwell logistics today.

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