Nikita Shah – The Charming Magician Casting an Arty Spell

Nikita Shah | Owner | Designer cakes by Niki
Nikita Shah | Owner | Designer cakes by Niki

Rollo May, a great psychologist, and author on creativity give succinct insights on inspiration and passion. He says that passionate leaders encourage others to be more engaged and develop a deeper awareness of issues.

This deeper awareness and keener engagement keeps them forever in a zone open to moments of inspiration.

After all, what is an inspiration but a fleeting yet powerful and uplifting but momentary phenomenon? At the same time, passion sustains our energy and enthusiasm for the things that are meaningful to us.

That is the magic of love. Leaders who love passion become magicians of a kind. And then they keep inspiring others by casting artistic and powerful charms over their followers, who gets inspired continuously to become compassionate leaders themselves.

Mrs Nikita Shah, the Founder of Cakeify Studio, is that charming magician of a leader who is passionately in love with her art of arching cake tech.

In an interview with Insights Success for its edition of ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena’, she cast such a magical spell on us that we were awed.

The excerpts below will grace you with that same wonder, we promise.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the respective industry?

I am being very real here. It was more than inspiration. You can call it the passion for creating art. It had always been there, and it will be there forever. It is eternal to being who I am, and now it is eternal to Cakeify.

Please describe Cakeify.

Cakeify was commenced in 2016. Its tagline ‘unwrap a smile’ is our motive to make a dream customised cakes and bakes as per requirement without compromising the taste. We are awarded the top 25 bakers in our city.

Tell us about Cakeify’s journey so far.

Before being the founder of Cakeify – I was an architect who later turned into a cake artist. I believe in designing each creation into magic with love.

The journey is really beautiful, as every day with amazing feedback and reviews makes our day unique, inspiring us to do better each time. Soon, we will be celebrating six years of our journey.

We started our journey as a home baker and got a break winning several competitions offline as well as online. There was no turning back.

Now we own our studio, where we conduct sessions and design our cakes and tutor at our online platform. It all seems like a miracle.

What were the initial challenges you faced while venturing into the respective industry?

Initially, we had faced challenges like costing, transportation of tier cakes.  Coming to the food industry, wherein each lane you will find cake shops and home bakers in alternate apartments, was a perilous experience.

But when one has an extraordinary skill, things go fluent with your passion, perseverance, and patience. Mouth publicity worked very well that helped us to settle down eventually.

What are the USPs that highlight Cakeify’s uniqueness?

Our USP highlights our brand by giving the best ingredients, exquisite cakes, healthy bakes, and customised dream cakes made with passion and love.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and your company the most?

They look at our details, creativity, dedication, being very precise and having wonderful skills to design their dream cake with ultimate taste.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advise the budding aspirants?

Nothing is easy in any profession, but if you focus on your skills and master them with hard work, sincerity, and dedication, it will help create a different place among the crowd.

How do you envision Cakeify’s operations eventually, concerning the changing scenario of your niche, post-pandemic?

Truly for the home-based food industry, the pandemic was a boon. We served so many peoples with all precautions.

We will see our company as a top home baker in India soon. We want to empower lots of women through this profession.

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