Nirmala Mundhra Newar – An Entrepreneurial Spirit Inspiring Everybody

Nirmala Mundhra Newar | Founder Of Floral bath & beauty products
Nirmala Mundhra Newar | Founder Of Floral bath & beauty products

Building a business is hard. However, every entrepreneur must start somewhere. There wasn’t, and there will be no magic or shortcut to making a good company. Though, there is no bias in the industry either. It does not matter when you start or where you start your journey. If you are good, you will succeed.

Gone are the days when women would end up their entire life within the house’s four walls. Like other fields, women are making success stories in entrepreneurship. There are many examples of women’s success that inspire others and give them guidance for becoming successful entrepreneurs.

“And I wish to be one of an inspiration for others,” says Nirmala Mundhra Newar, Founder & CEO of Floral Bath & Beauty Products, a small start-up that has eventually taken a massive leap in India and abroad as well.

The Leap of Belief

Nirmala Mundhra Newar started her entrepreneurial journey on 19th august 2019 by launching her dream project of Floral Bath & Beauty Products (FB&BP). Though she began her brand’s journey alone, luckily, she developed a group of ten women who were homemakers just like her.

And as a great team, they shaped their dreams. Their journey was challenging, but they knew the results would be worth it.

According to Nirmala, to start any new venture from home, the key is to have a sound family support system. And to date, her experience of being a mother, a teacher, a jewellery designer, and now as an entrepreneur of natural products brand ‘FB&BP’ is worth it. And it will be more fruitful as a floral family grows by leaps and bounds.

Nirmala’s vision is to reach global clients. Her main aim is to create awareness about the benefits of natural products with her brand. Because of the natural ingredients she uses, with purity she makes, and the positivity she adds to her products and products’ budget-friendliness, she is sure that the brand will reach global customers.

Flooring the Challenges

From a business leadership perspective, she has explored the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses first-hand. There were mass layoffs, and the entire industry was moving towards closure. Many small companies were financially fragile. Despite that, she says that her ambition has been sustained and is recovering steadily.

Talking about her efforts during the pandemic to sustain operations and to ensure the safety of her team at the same time, she says that they as a team maintained a complete hygiene policy. And she made sure that different cabins were provided to all of the team members working in the same unit.

Since most of the products are handmade, she made many positive changes in her operating procedures to keep the products pure and safe. She made all the possible changes to keep her team safe and secure while working on the production floor.


At the production plant, things are arranged to form a line or are in their proper positions using artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a more significant concept to create intelligent machines that can simulate human thinking capability and behaviour. In contrast, machine learning is an application or subset of AI that allows devices to learn from data without being programmed explicitly. Nirmala uses AI and ML traits to produce quality products in quantity at her operational facility.

As an established industry leader, her advice to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the industry is to become self-dependent. According to her, before starting into herbal or any business, one should know products and their applications. One must recognise and ensure that the products are safe and effective. One should always have a good idea to focus on a select few when developing their product line for the market, rather than offering a vast range to select from.

Her visions and plans for her FB&BP brand are getting organised, keeping detailed records, analysing her competition, understanding the risks and rewards, being creative, staying focused, preparing to make sacrifices, providing excellent service, and consistent.

Perspectives on Gender Equality

As per Nirmala, our country has seen many decades of gender inequality. And now, seeing gender equality in every field is a visual delight and gives immense pleasure to the heart and the soul.

She believes that it should be irrespective of your gender whatever you do. Growth and success are not bound by gender. When you work, you work for society as a whole. And it is so encouraging to see your peers motivating you as an individual rather than seeing you as a male or female counterpart in a business. It is equally important to get such positive vibes from society.

The response should not be based on the gender of the owner or entrepreneur. An entrepreneur gives their full attention to society, working for the betterment of everyone. Thus, it is the need of the hour that business people should be respected for their work, not because of gender.

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