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Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants
Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants

Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Adobe, Cognizant the lists goes on but apart from being global giants in their respective fields, what do you see is a common thread between these corporates? The common link is all the CEOs are of Indian origin. Yes it is all their hard work and dedication that has taken them where they are in their corporate lives today but it is also the higher education that has played important part in their lives. It is very important in today’s competitive world to get right guidance when it comes to choosing your career path, after all as Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which can be used to change the world” with this thought in mind Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants was started to give right career advice to students who are planning for their higher studies.
A Journey to Remember
Mr. Amar Gujar, a Production Engineer from AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur in a span of 730 days. A journey that started from his engineering days, when he had a year down in engineering and instead of getting depressed sitting at home and clearing his backlogs, he decided to work part time and appear for his engineering exam. He started working with a reputed overseas education company. His dedication and consistency gave him in depth knowledge of overseas education field. His friendly and honest approach towards solving student issues made him approachable among students and parents alike. He balanced his part time job and studies. After completing engineering and started working with multinational firms like Forbes Marshall, Flextronics India and Maersk Shipping and even though he had left his part time job, he kept assisting students for abroad education queries as a freelancer. However the six digit salary that he was earning as an engineer was not giving him the satisfaction that he was striving for, and after many sleepless nights he realized that his real calling is to help students achieve their goal of abroad education for higher studies and doing something in the field on his own. However turning into a first generation entrepreneur with no business background was not an easy task, coming from a middle class family it was difficult to start a business. There were people who criticized and said that it is not wise decision to quit a good job and invest in such business idea, however with his parents support and a firm belief in himself, after a year of research and dedication he raised an investment that was sufficient enough to start his own overseas education consultancy.
In May 2016 after the initial roadblocks, the Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants Pvt Ltd became a reality, a dream envisioned by a 26 year old young entrepreneur who soon became a recognized name in the field of overseas education. The organization currently caters to students primarily in Pimpri Chinchwad area, a twin town that has been the industrial face of Pune City for over two decades now. Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants provide A to Z services when it comes to overseas education, right from IELTS training (English Language Test), counseling for selection of course and university to application of desired course to obtaining student VISA. It is very important to have clarity in this business and one can expect genuine services once they register with Onebounce. Onebounce is providing Higher education services for different countries like UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand. There are plenty of courses available like Masters of Science, Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Culinary Arts, Masters in fashion designing, Master in Photography and many more which gives great job opportunities to students. Few universities provide internship options where students get paid a good amount for there training period. Also if student does well during internship period then there are good chances of getting placed in the same company.
Services provided by Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants
Being an engineer himself, Mr. Amar Gujar himself has good problem solving skills which help students in making right choices in selection of courses according to their profile. Students are well guided according to their education background, Job profile and field of interest and their financial budget for overseas education.
IELTS Training
Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants is an authorized partner with British Council and IDP Australia for IELTS training and test booking center. They have certified trainers from British Council and IDP Australia, making it easier for students to understand the IELTS test and score as per the country specific band requirement. Onebounce has more than 500 successful IELTS students who got their desired scores in IELTS exam and fulfilled their dreams within a span of just 2 years.
Application and Admission Process
After getting desired IELTS results, students are guided in making required documents available for the application and admission process. Filing application forms and submitting to the university happens very swiftly at Onebounce. They also help in preparing letter of recommendation, professional resumes and statement of purpose for submitting to the respected university.
Education Loan and Forex Exchange
Onebounce has officially partnered with well known financial institutions in India, which help students in getting education loan and paying tuition fees to the universities through forex exchange.
Scholarships play an important role in overseas education as it eases financial burden off student’s shoulder. Hence there are programs and universities available with Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants which provide 10% to 100% scholarships.
VISA Assistance
The most important stage in overseas education is VISA application and submission, if the VISA file is not prepared as per the required rules there is a chance of VISA getting rejected and ultimately hampering student’s chances of going abroad. While applying for VISA it is very important to have all academic documents in place and proof of source of funds should be completely legal. Different countries have different rules for VISA application and Onebounce helps students in preparing and applying for VISA as per the required rules, and till now they have had 100% success in VISA approvals. It speaks of their genuine service to the students.
What makes them stand out
Onebounce is available for students and parents 24*7 through phone calls and whatsapp messages. You can be in touch with them even after working hours. Student reviews about their services on website, Google, Facebook say a lot about their services to the students. Onebounce Study Abroad Consultants is a one stop solution for all your overseas education needs.
Today more than 100 students from Onebounce are studying in top ranked universities around the world within a span of just two years. Few students have completed their Masters and Post graduation diplomas and working with big companies in Facebook, Google and LinkedIn etc. which is very proud moment for the parents who believed in Onebounce for their services. Getting desired universities like a dream come true for students and this is what Onebounce is focusing on to make their services more better. And this is the reason students and parents are chasing this guy.
And in the words of their founder Amar Gujar, even though the road ahead looks smooth, there are miles to go. It has taken lot of efforts to reach where they are now as entrepreneurship is not just a glossy picture, there is a lot of hard work that needs to be done to make that picture shine.
“Fortune Always Favours the Brave”

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