Pangea Global Services: Providing Precise Analytics to Ensure Business Growth

The potential market for your products or services can be defined as the pool of consumers or businesses who would consider purchasing them. With an effective business market research, your company can gain instrumental information about your competitors, demographics, economic shifts, the spending traits and the current market trends of your customers. The most important task of a marketer is to launch the product in the right market at the right price and also to find whether the consumer is getting optimum satisfaction, so that the consumer remains loyal. These aspects made it imperative for the marketers to conduct marketing research. One such prominent name that provides marketing research to help marketers hit the right market at the right time is Pangea Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
Established in 2012, Pangea Global Services is one of a kind marketing consultancy, advisory and service provider operating in the spectrums of Business Intelligence, Market Research, B2B & B2C marketing, Lead Generation through telephone and Email marketing, Brand Engagement with Consumers, BTL as well as Digital marketing activities as well.
A Pragmatic and Adroit Leader                                                                  
Synonymous to the brand name Pangea Global is its young Founder and Director, Prashant Pednekar. Being an IT and BFSI professional with a global perspective, Prashant carries a rich work experience of more than one and half decades with multinationals at senior level positions in the US, UK, Asia Pacific as well as the Middle East Region.
Market Research (MR) is an essential component of any company’s marketing plan. It dictates strategy, informs resource allocation, and helps brands understand and connect with their consumers in ways that in the past would have seemed impossible. Prashant founded Pangea when MR was just in its budding phase. With his determined vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, Prashant staunchly tackled all the startup challenges and adversities. He introduced a pricing model, where clients only have to pay if they’re happy. This has earned him generous consumer loyalty towards his Pangea marque. His company now holds a 180 agents strong entity with offices in Pune, Bombay, Uganda and UK.
Prashant’s global exposure and aggressive professional approach has made him the recipient of many awards in the corporate world. Additionally, he is also a Joint Partner and Director with brands like IBN Technologies, MIT Global and SNP ventures.Scholastically, Prashant is a Mechanical Engineer and holds a Master’s degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY).
Providing Plethora of Services with Excellence               
Pangea has kept its value proposition simple. It goes one step beyond what the client needs and that starts with identifying what the exact need is. The pricing model of the company is designed in such a way that the clients pay only if they are happy and just under a span of five years the said proposition has enabled Pangea to garner clients including the crème-de-la-crème in the IT, Automotive and Retail Sectors dealing with Software, Hardware, Analytics, Data Mining, Personal Grooming, Apparel and Shoe brand and Marketing Research, Consumer Feedback, Lead Generation and Email Marketing being one of the biggest vertical today at Pangea. All this has been possibledue toan immensely determined team.
Although the company offers data analytics, lead generation and BPO & KPO services, it has built its forte in Market Research, which is further classified into Audience Research, Lead Generation Research, Product Research, Content Syndication, Email Marketing, Brand Analysis, Database Research,Scanner Research and Post Sale Research. Pangea is one of a handful of MR companies that have smartly invested in technology.They perform online & offline MR methodologies utilizing various tools to understand the pulse of the consumer. This helps them to provide their clients with the transparency to observe daily metrics such as number of calls taken and agents working on their behalf. The company ensures authenticity & transparency in its reviews by drafting questions that are short, crisp and close-ended. Since customer loyalty dwells on customer satisfaction, Pangea always goes an extra mile to deliver the best services.
Expert Workmanship, Expert Quality
Pangea’s corporate DNA has one key highlight and that is “Quality.” Prashant has been keen about quality work and he also comprehends the importance of talent and technology for a company to continue up on the ladder of success.
“In my long stint with startups and being an angel investor myself, I have seen many professionals making a mistake of saving cost through compromising on the Quality of people hired and by not investing in the right technology. Technology and the right human resources are the foundation of every enterprise. It is hence imperative to have a strong base to ensure that the enterprise prospers,” asserts Prashant.
While Pangea operates on several platforms, it was one of the first startup companies in India to incorporate advanced technologies in the said field and this was frowned upon by many. Similar challenge came-up while recruiting resources as well. Despite such hurdles, Pangea was among the first few Indian companies to do research for an automotive brand for US. Starting with a 15 member team in 2012, today, under a span of just 5 years, Pangea has grown to a 180 people strong team.
Prashant’s Advice to Enrich the Entrepreneur in You
Do a thorough research, gather the right expertise before getting into any venture, don’t be over aggressive in making a project report, be clear on the deliverables and what you want to achieve. Take calculated risks before delving into a project and remember that you have to focus on quality rather than quantity. Try and survey your project report with few experienced people and take view from someone experienced in that field, who can guide you with the right information.
In case of a partnership, set expectations correct in the beginning and ensure that you offer a distinct and clear value proposition.Last and the most important factor is,“Be ethical, do not lie to your clients and maintain the highest level of transparency with them as well as their customers.”

Source :- The 30 Most Valuable Marketing Solution Providers

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