Participation of Non-Banking Financial Companies in the Economic Development

In the present economic system, Non-Banking Financial Companies are playing a significant role in providing accessible and affordable financial services. The NBFCs are becoming a vital player in financial inclusions indirectly boosting the economy. These companies majorly focus on the business of loans, acquisition of shares, stocks, bonds, debentures and securities allotted by the government, local authority or by other market securities. NBFCs are engaged in maturity transformation and core banking functions. The operations carried out by the NBFCs merely aid threat to growing market thereby leading to the economic development respectively.
Mobilization of Assets  
NBFCs allow and provide with the mobilization of resources; funds and capitals. These companies help the mobilization of assets by converting investment into most preferable sets. NBFCs create a balance between intra-regional income and asset distribution. Turning the savings into investment practices, these companies make a wide and strong contribution to the economic development as compared to the traditional bank practices. Such companies work without expecting to gain the maximum profit which clears its idea of economic development and, are also engaged in activities that generate substantial or no revenue. Proper organization of capital will surely help in the development of the trade and industry leading to the economic expansion and progress.
Providing Long-Term Credits 
NBFCs play a key role in providing the corporations with funds through equity participation. Unlike other traditional banks, NBFCs offer long-term credit to trade and commerce industry. These companies help to fund large projects and mega infrastructure projects which boost economic development to a great extent. The definition of long-term credit loans is precisely transformed with the emergence of NBFCs. Long-term credit allows sustainable growth and development of economic sector with stable and softening interest rates. NFBCs are also engaging in funding small-scale industries and MSMEs which will create a base for the development and growth of the economy.
Upliftment in the Employment Sector
The operations and policies of NBFCs are uplifting the job scenario. More job opportunities are arising with the influence of these companies in the private as well as government sector.  NBFCs help in achieving full employment in the economy by working with the government and investing in the private sectors. Also, the business activities in the private sector provide more employment opportunities and occupation practices due to such non-banking financial companies. These companies go hand-in-hand with the economy where the need for personnel to handle secured operations is high, thereby its enhancing the motive to provide more employment. The NBFCs lead to increase in the capital stock which results in employment growth.
Enhancing the Financial Market
The NBFCs cater the urban and rural poor companies that have a complementary role in the financial inclusion. Microfinance plays an important role to attain stable financial inclusions. These companies bring the much-needed diversity to the financial market by diversifying the risks, increasing liquidity in the markets thereby promoting financial stability and bringing efficiency to the financial sector. The NBFCs have brought the savings and investment operations together leading to a progressive change in the financial market. These companies highlight the public issues of corporations and provide the funds needed by the start-up companies as capital. The financial market is dependent on the functions that are taken into account by these lending companies.
Nurturing the Standard of Living
The non-banking financial companies are highly promoting the living standards of the masses as they are collaborating with the government as well as private sector with their operations. Upliftment in the standard of living will surely make its path towards the economic development. These companies attract foreign endowments majorly from different countries and agencies to merely support and become a helping hand to the economic growth and development. The NBFCs vitally participate in attracting funds from the public and convert it into capital for industrial and other sectors for smooth economic growth. The progressive increase in emerging businesses consequently raising the demand for manpower and creates employment leading to raise the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of people and upgrading their living standards.
Future Renovations with NBFCs
The future will mark the financial innovations driven by the NBFC sector and will help it to grow in a prudential manner. These companies will surely be the game changer in the developing economy by providing factoring and bill payment service which are of critical importance at the present juncture. NBFCs will play a vital role going forward, in closing the loop as regards financial inclusion for individuals and MSMEs which will become the backbone of the economy. Further, these companies are planning to attain data and algorithm to fine-tune the marketing campaigns and lower the cost per acquisition resulting in higher margins. NBFCs will surely help the infrastructure companies grow significantly with respect to its capital and ethics. NBFCs will surely provide real-time solutions to a company’s stability and individual progress with the growing economy.

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