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Incessant Technologies: Experts in the Delivery of Digital Transformation

The embracing of new-age technology is driving business metamorphosis and expecting organizations to significantly increase their investments. BPM software providers are developing advanced analytic tools to process data and translate them into business value. According to market reports hub, the BPM market is expected to grow to $10.73 billion by 2019. It is also designed to support the complex business workflows and processes to customize an organizations ever-changing need. Today, BPM is embedded in nearly every package solution and many horizontal technology offerings.One such leading company is Incessant Technologies, a NIIT technologies company,……………..
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The 10 Most Prominent BPM Solution Providers to Watch in 2018

Calibehr: An Expert Business Administrator of BPM Insights Solutions

In this era of business world, the Business Process Management sector is undergoing a radical shift as more organizations are transforming around digital technologies. BPM solutions are getting renewed attention for their way to...

IIMC: A Strategic Organization Synergizing Human Asset Management Process Development

Over a decade, the BPM solution companies are bringing in various changes and the new generation workforce is completely different from the traditional ones. More emphasis is now on technology and various BPM processes...

Padrea Global: Guiding Management Consultancies to overcome Challenges

Today, in this world, every large & small consulting firm is ready to face increased competition, as there are many enormous, exciting changes happening all over the globe. However, evolutions of management consulting companies...

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BPM for the Ages………Has Anything Really Changed?

Business Process Management (BPM) has been in existence since the early 1990s, for about 30 years or so. Organizations sit at different points in the BPM maturity cycle depending on their size, degree of...

Business Solution Insights

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing the Next Era of BPM

Each and every organization is looking out for new ways to enhance its power to not only stay pertinent but also gain a competitive edge in the developing business arena. Currently, over thirty-seven percent...