Payal Jain: Empowering Innovations

Payal Jain | owner | PPN NETWORK INDIA PVT LTD
Payal Jain | owner | PPN NETWORK INDIA PVT LTD

Women entrepreneurs are a significant part of the global expedition for sustained economic development and social progress in this dynamic world.

Women-owned businesses are emerging at an incredible speed in almost all countries. This can be credited to the growing industrialization, urbanization, social legislation, higher education, and awareness.

Women entrepreneurs are fast becoming a force to reckon with in the business world. They are involved in business not only for survival but also to satisfy their inner urge of creativity with new innovations. Educated women are contributing to a great extent to the social transformation. In the future, more women will be seen venturing into the business world, and succeeding to greater heights.

Indian women have come a long way and are becoming increasingly visible and successful in all spheres and have shifted from household to a peak level of professional activities.

Many women entrepreneurs have had their success stories with their innovations and creative ideas that are revolutionizing diverse industries. Shedding light on one such personality, we bring you the success story of Payal Jain, Co-founder, Vigor E-Bikes.

Payal had some family connection with sports as her beloved husband is a state-level cycle champion. So, they thought of commencing a business. They had an idea of starting a business related to the sports field.

That is when Payal and her husband decided to start the business of bicycles that will help the youth stay fit and healthy.

The Commencement

Payal’s innovative ideas led her to venture into the business of E-bikes and cycles. Vigor E-Bike has been designed with some specific features that are best for the present and future youth. Its vision is to provide a perfect vehicle that will help the youth to stay fit and healthy, and it will also help in reducing pollution altogether.

It has 20-inch-thick wheels, which will help you get the best control over Indian roads surface. Vigor E-Bike needs to be charged for once to travel for 30 Kms.

If you want to use Vigor as a cycle, you can start paddling, and whenever you get tired, you can turn it into an E-Bike and ride it like a scooter, which is one of the best things Vigor has.

Shedding the spotlight on her venture, Payal said, “I would like to tell you that Vigor was the company which was established when COVID-19 started.”

“As most of the people were in their houses due to lockdown and most people like to stay fit, it was the perfect time to launch our E-Bike,” she mentioned.

“Bikes have proved to be the most likely thing to stay fit, and everybody in this world loves to ride a bike, so we launched our Vigor with a twist by making it an E-Bike,” she added.

With Crisis, Comes Opportunity

Payal and her husband were about to launch the E-Bike when COVID-19 turned the whole market upside down. When COVID started spreading widely, the people were left without jobs, and that’s when Payal and her husband thought of starting Vigor.

The specialty of Vigor is that all the parts and whole model are made in India. When they commenced Vigor, success came like part and parcel. They have got many pre-bookings for Vigor, and according to the strategies, the company is moving forward.

When the pandemic started, Vigor shifted its office to work from home as employees are the most important part of any company. Without employees, it is not possible to run any company. So, the most important thing was to make its employees safe.

During this period, team Vigor gathered information like how and from where they could get the parts for their E-Bikes.

The team also used that time to study the market of E-Bike and its future. Some of the marketing strategies created by Vigor’s marketing team.

Adding to this, Payal expressed, “We have many plans for 2022 and upcoming years.”

Pearls of Wisdom

Sharing her opinion on “How emerging technologies are enabling innovations, Payal said, “We are planning to include AI and ML in Vigor E-Bike, like voice recognition unlock system, AI-integrated maps for direction, ML’s User-based location suggestion system, and many more.”

As an industry professional and adept leader, Payal also shared some advice for budding entrepreneurs. She said, “I would like to suggest to the youth that if you want to start a business and have to become a successful entrepreneur, you have to be patient and have to stay calm.”

“You must work hard to achieve milestones, and to achieve them you must work efficiently and effectively,” she added.

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