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Murali G, CEO, Jeyaraj ,CTO, Petrokens Engineering and Services | business magazine in India

Murali G | CEO | Jeyaraj | CTO | Petrokens Engineering and Services

Sustainable development has been on the threshold of economic and environmental issues all over the world. Its significance has driven mankind to constantly innovate not only in the business but in the daily lives as-well. Tech-enabled services industries have always observed sustainability as a challenge and taking up the same has been amongst their prime objectives.
Following the same mission and growing with passion is Petrokens Engineering and Services Pvt. Ltd. The firm offers its esteemed clientele, highly specialized solutions to develop or enhance their asset’s performance in the long run. It delivers a broad range of services and provides clients the access to world-class sustainable and innovative technologies.
The person responsible for driving the Business Excellence journey globally is Murali G – CEO, Founder of the company. He has completed his Master’s in Design Engineering and has close to two decades of extensive experience in operation, maintenance, engineering, technical services and project management. He was associated with mostly offshore, Oil and Gas Refinery along with Petrochemical plants. Another Founder of the firm is Jeyaraj S – CTO of Petrokens. He has been instrumental in strategic planning and technical execution. He has done his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. He has 18 years of rich experience in the Oil & Gas Industry especially in Design and Engineering of Oil and Gas production and processing facilities Offshore and Onshore, FPSO Process Topsides, Commissioning and Start‐up services for Oil and Gas production and processing facilities. He has worked in multinational oil companies and EPC companies in India, UAE and Malaysia. Also, Jeyaraj is a member in Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and an Associate Member in IChemE, UK.  Their combined experience has been quintessential in exploring the opportunities and executing the tasks timely with quality and integrity.
Driving Excellence
As a best-in-class integrated engineering consultancy solutions provider, Petrokens specializes in complete end-to-end solutions related to engineering which includes Engineering Design, MEP Design and Project Management Consultancy. The list also includes Specialized Technical Services, Risk Management and Technical Staffing across Oil and Gas Sector. Petrokens is one-stop destination for Conceptual Design, Detailed Engineering, FEED along with Bottlenecking and Commissioning solutions. It’s well experienced technical team has multinational exposure who are experts in their jobs, capable of executing and handling accelerated project schedules. “We are experienced and passionate group of project managers, engineers and designers. Every client we work with becomes a part of the team. Together we face the challenges and offer affordable solutions” describes Murali.
Since its inception, the company had a clear vision and strategic business plan. This changed the pace of the operations, helping in overcoming the challenges at the early stages of the business. Petrokens entered the oil and gas market when crude oil price was the lowest. The company saw it as an opportunity and targeted customers looking for affordable solutions.
Setting a Benchmark
Petrokens provides multi-disciplinary design engineering and consulting services in conceptual/feasibility studies. The firm’s capabilities comprises of Process, Piping, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instruments and Controls with HSE. We stand unique as we offer complete cost effective solutions from concept to commissioning” says Murali, establishing the difference between Petrokens and its competitors.
The unique in-house design engineering services gives customizable options to the clients for their project. Combining flexibility with innovation and complete solutions, the experience for the client is curated with excellence and showcases uncompromised quality. Petrokens is dedicated in delivering solutions to the client’s requirements across every phase of the project. It may vary from the concept, development to simulation, detailed design to validation and optimization tasks.
The company has targeted overseas market for jointly exploring opportunities in-order to execute oil and gas projects. Petrokens have established a strategic alliance with local partners in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Oman, UAE and Kuwait.
The Struggle is Real
Challenges in Engineering come from uncertain conditions prevailing to change in oil prices and an industry-wide staff shortage. The requirement for skilled engineers has been realized as an unending necessity in the industry, since technology is developing rapidly. “We have to align ourselves to meet the end users requirements. It’s at the hands of the engineering sector to sustain many crucial aspects of our day-to-day lives,” claims Murali while shedding some light on the dynamics of challenges faced by the company.
Engineering Industry Today
“Nowadays Engineering is not considered to be limited in purely industrial and manufacturing world. The industry is focusing more on our impact on the environment and using adaptive technologies to help combat it,” Murali adds to the discussion regarding the current situation pertaining to Engineering industry in India. Understanding its position in the market, Petrokens derives the scale needed to cut-costs and remains competitive. It believes that the oil and gas sector is likely to be dynamic over the next few years. Hence, the ability to assess and accurately value potential targets faster than the competition will be critical. In this sector, prices are said to be on recovering stage. Still, most oil giants are cautious about new initiatives with major capital expenditures. Many MNC’s are still figuring out the essence of cost issue. Likewise, this has proven difficult for the firm to distinguish real threat from – new competition, challenging bidding procedures and risk-sharing arrangements.  Giving a final statement, Murali proclaims – “We realize that the industry has dramatically changed and looking for cost effective solutions. Hence, we are better equipped to compete.”

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