Pocket Aces has launched India’s first ever live game show app names Loco

Pocket Aces powered by Pocket Aces Pvt. Ltd, a startup introduced for digital entertainment has now adopted a live trivia game show app Loco. Ashwin Suresh and Anirudh Pandita, the co-founders of Pocket Aces and Abhishek Madhavan, a marketing executive are backbones of the startup. The app is launched in Nov 2017 with the amount not yet exposed by the company. This undisclosed amount is being the center of attraction of the launch.
Loco, the startup app will acquire all the financial funding, security, significant content, digital and non-digital marketing from the Pocket Aces respectively.
In India, where the population is more prior towards Reality TV shows, Talent show programmes, a live game show app will be one of its kinds. This live trivia show is far different from the TV game shows and quiz. Also, the increasing consumption of mobile devices in the youth will be a boost to the startup. “The live mobile game will surely attain a strong connectivity with the present generation and generate millions of users” stated Pocket Aces.
The live game show can be played twice a day. The timings include 1:30 in the afternoon and 10 pm at night. The game starts with a host introducing huge mob of people about rules of the game, live. The questions asked in the live quiz will cover different sectors of the world. Every question asked is to be answered within 10 seconds. A wrong answer can lead to an elimination of the player or can guide the player for usage of an extra life to acquire stability in the game. This extra life can be attained by a player if its referral code is being used by another person for installing the Loco app. The app permits usage of a single life at every point of elimination irrespective of the lives one has attained.

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