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With each passing day, the technology advancements are making the fire and safety landscape more competitive and quality sensitive. The customers are recognizing the value of innovation and proficiency like never before. Establishing a product which can withstand these complexities of the market is not an easy task. This is where M/s. Pollution Protection Systems Mumbai Pvt. Ltd. (PPS) steps in with an aim to provide unique service levels to the clientele by continuously improving its abilities to assess and surpass their needs.
Founded in 1994 and incorporated in 2000, PPS designs, develops, manufactures and supplies highly reliable cost-effective instruments and systems as well as services for Gas Detection, Flame Detection, and Monitoring. ISO 9001:2015 certified, the company is rated by CRISIL as MSE 2*. The company is a frontrunner in Manufacturing, Exporting, Integrating, and distributing all kinds of Gas & Flame Monitoring Systems and Portable Gas Leak Detectors. PPS is also amongst the leading distributors of e2S (warning signal manufacturing) and Heat & Cold Sensing cables (LGM, UK).
With concrete endeavors and exemplary expertise, the company is catering prominent solutions to the growing demands of industries like Chemicals, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, and Refineries. Over the years, the company has been rolling out instruments as well as services to diversified industries in both public and private sector.
Meet the Veteran
A Technocrat with an experience of over 29 years in the field of Fire and Gas Detection Systems, Parag Oak is the Founder and CEO of M/s. Pollution Protection Systems Mumbai Pvt. Ltd. He has an in-depth understanding and expertise in Fire detection & Monitoring systems. His business acumen combined with a realistic, attainable and profitable approach has transformed PPS into a one-of-its-kind company.
Parag focuses on imbibing corporate ethics and compliance policy to place the cornerstones of trust in order to establish an ethical and hassle-free work environment. He plays a crucial role in strengthening collaboration, employee retention and business reputation, to pave the path for sustained performance and profitability. He fosters collaboration and encourages the team to achieve bigger goals. Apart from all this, he also inculcates the spirit of profound ambition to the employees with a vision to make PPS a successful globally recognized company.
The Curated Menu
PPS is a manufacturing and services company that manufactures Gas, Flame & Fire Detection and Monitoring Systems. The list also includes Portable Gas detectors, Online Gas Analyzers and integration of Gas, Flame & Fire Detection Systems. The prominent services comprise:
– Installation & Commissioning of Gas, Flame & Fire Detection and Monitoring Systems.
– Providing Annual Maintenance Contracts for above systems, portable Gas Detectors and    analyzers.
– Repairs and Troubleshooting of whole range of Fire & Gas Detection Equipments. 
The company’s work is based on integrated equipment of customer’s facilities with systems of Fire and Gas Detection including:
– Projecting of the given systems subject to integration in systems of industrial control and separately
– Manufacturing and supply of the given systems
– Mounting, starting-up and adjustments
– Warranty and after sales services
– And Calibration
Additionally, PPS also offers exquisite products showcasing Stack Monitoring Systems, Personal Gas Samplers, Calibration Gases, regulators and other accessories.
A Distinctive Organization
Since inception, PPS is on a mission to stick to its commitments and roll out new-age, reliable, and customer-friendly products and services. The company is well-equipped with various statutory and regulatory certificates. Acknowledging the scenario of Indian fire and safety landscape, the company produces quality products with break-through performance to meet the international standards at its best. Providing timely after sales – services with moderate pricing and quenching customer needs to the core has triggered the organization to stand tall amongst its competitors.
These sustained dedicated efforts to provide quality products and after sales services has helped PPS to unlock the doors to success. The trustworthy and efficient manpower has helped the company to take customer relationships to the next level.
On the other hand, it is a deep conviction and will of Parag that continues to motivate creativity and team work, which significantly helped PPS to sustain in the competitive market and shine as a leader in its respective field.
The Futuristic Vision
PPS is moving forward with the same strong and dedicated efforts to reach the peak –be a renowned brand worldwide. The company is striving with a vision to become one of the leading organizations in the field of Fire & Gas Detection Systems, a best-in-class solution provider in India, and a well-established overseas brand by 2020.
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