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To create in-line solutions with the latest standards, the Austria based company “Schrack Seconet AG”, ascribes great importance to research and development by embracing latest technologies. It provides future-oriented solutions in the field of fire and safety all around the globe, which retain their value in the long term.
“The highest quality is the aspiration we live by, and also, we take responsibility for our actions.” says Anubhav. The company implements trendsetting innovations and efficient processes with ingenuity, competence and commitment. To achieve the ultimate goal of the company to successfully upgrade Schrack Seconet; it is giving its best, day after day.
A Veteran Persona
Anubhav Guglani, Head of India Region, has a professional experience of over two decades with successful multi-national companies. He has been associated with the fire detection industry and has worked in both sales and operations before taking over as the – founding employee and Head of Schrack Seconet – in India.
Anubhav has been involved with forums working towards creating awareness about the risks of fire and work towards creating a safe environment. He strongly believes in designing and implementing the correct, fail-safe solutions instead of doing the box selling.
Under the leadership of Anubhav, Schrack Seconet India has shown a rapid growth. He is a much respected name in the field of Fire Detection & Nurse Call Systems, today. He has worked towards inculcating the culture of team spirit in all employees. “The team believes that customers and partners rely on their trustworthiness. They understand that the best solutions can only succeed if they work together with their customers and partners.” says Anubhav.
Schrack Seconet’s Journey
Eduard Schrack founded Schrack AG in 1920. Further, in 1939 he bought shares of the Ericsson Österreich Elektrizitäts AG, and in 1952, his son Eduard Harald Schrack joined the company. In 1994, he retired and sold it to Ericsson AG Austria. The security and communication system division was separated and sold as an independent company named Schrack Seconet AG. The Swiss Securitas Group associated with the company in 1997 and has been holding the shares since 2013. At the end of 2005, Hans Zavesky, the company’s founder, handed over the management as general director to Wolfgang Kern and became Chairman of the Supervisory Board in June 2006.  And, finally in 2010, Schrack Seconet started its operation in India.
Astonishing Services
The company design, manufacture and supply intelligent addressable type fire detection and alarm systems. The design of the fully-redundant fire-alarm system has been one of the most outstanding achievements of the company. Schrack Seconet fire-alarm systems comply with and have been tested and approved in many countries across the world. It is one of the leading specialists with the years of experience in ‘IP technology’. With this experience, the company is now offering more applications to provide users with even more comfort and flexibility. “People’s safety is our primary focus.” says Anubhav.
Its “Hospital Communication Systems / Nurse Call Systems” facilitate the work of nursing staff in hospitals and elderly people homes. Ergonomic call buttons can be combined with comfort handsets for telecommunication and TV operation. The handset becomes a communication center for patients and residents. As well as classical nurse-call functions with speech connection, the unit offers the patient a wide array of features, like the patient can control room-lighting and reading-lamps with the device, operate the television, or even use it as a telephone. The newest system VISOCALL IP is a multimedia-capable communications platform, capable of combining several traditional functions such as a nurse-call system, IP telephony handsets, smartcard billing, Intranet and Internet access, electro acoustic (ELAC) systems as well as video streaming applications in a single system. VISOCALL IP thereby offers the highest degree of security with 100% system availability for patients on the one hand, whilst considerably facilitating daily duties in the hospital on the other.
The Biggest Assets

  • ‘The team’ –the first key factor
  • ‘The products’ – which are highly innovative, reliable and exceed relevant national and international standards
  • ‘Innovation’ – which is done with the implementation of backward and forward compatibility
  • Everything is done to benefit customers and their satisfaction

Technological ExcellenceThe Specialty
The company believes that being innovative means developing new ideas and having the persistence to make them market-ready. This is how it reaches technological excellence as pioneers in its industry. In the event of the growing infrastructure, as fire-safety is becoming a big challenge, company’s products make a key contribution to this basic need and protect people and values.
Schrack Seconet frequently cooperates with technical universities and international companies, as well as with testing and accreditation centers, fire prevention centers and fire brigade associations, so that products can be constantly improved and adapted to meet new demands.
With the features like 100% hot redundancy, on-board TCP/IP, Remote messaging, IAC mobile etc., the company is one of the innovative manufacturers of Fire Alarm Systems in the industry.
Potential Future Exposure
With the strong foundation and clear vision, the company believes as the technology trend-setters in the field of fire safety. With the motto of providing the best quality with most innovative products for future, it shall continue to serve the mankind by providing the best technology to this industry.
Source :-The 10 Most Powerful Fire and Safety Management Companies to Watch in 2019

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