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Prachi Patwardhan Joshi_Hripple Solutions
Prachi Patwardhan Joshi_Hripple Solutions

Whatever the complex definitions, a business simply means people management. It is the first and last resource without which a company cannot be conceived.

But recruiting, training, and managing human resources is an arduous task, especially in today’s times, when the aspiration of the young generation are sky-high. And hiring and then making them professional enough to be capable of a long term journey with an enterprise becomes unmanageable with a growing business demands of other aspects.

Suddenly, the cost becomes a lousy asset without showing any worthwhile results. Prachi Patwardhan Joshi, the Founder of HRipple Solutions, saw it first-hand in her role as an HR consultant to other organisations.

Thus, somewhere around early November of 2014, she felt the need to move beyond her individual capacity of HR consulting and decided to make the efforts more formally and put together a team of like-minded people. That is how HRS came into being.

Gauging the Human Ripples

Prachi understands that ‘being an entrepreneur’ – how much-ever jazzy the phrase may sound – is a process of busting a lot of myths. Nevertheless, for her, it has been a fascinating journey so far.

The name HRipple signifies HR – End to end HR Setup, ‘i’ – Automation in HR, and pple – recruiting and managing people.

HRipple Solutions has shown sustainable growth during the last few years and has evolved as an end-to-end HR service provider that believes in making life simple for its clients. The best strategy is the one that actually works and is not just on paper; hence stems out of common sense and a deep understanding of our client’s business.

This belief is consistent throughout its service offerings, recruitments, HR consulting, training, HR automation consulting, payroll and compliance.

HRipple Solutions so far has worked for more than two hundred clients and has handled multiple projects ranging from recruitments, training, policy and procedures, management trainee recruitments, consulting, job description analysis and competency mapping, HR automation and end-to-end HR setup and multi-city recruitment drives for large setups.

According to Prachi, they are continuously growing with a large appetite for doing good work and adding many more resources to their team.

Simply It’s Magic

HRipple Solutions is dedicated to providing professional end-to-end HR Consulting Services and evolving Recruitment Solutions that enable our client organisations to become more productive and profitable.

Prachi says, “We believe in the magic of simplicity! For us, the ability to simplify means eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. Most of our solutions have emerged out of elementary thoughts and are immensely appreciated.”

HRipple’s mission is to make things simple for its clients at all levels in the domain of,

  • End to end human resources outsourcing,
  • Talent development and employee engagement,
  • Recruitment and hiring support,
  • Payroll, compliance, and automation

A Disruptive Spirit

The offices of HRipple are situated at the locations of Matunga West and Vile Parle, Mumbai. They are your one-stop-shop for all the human resource management, consultancy and recruitment services because of the unique traits they possess, like,

  • HRS team demonstrates the young and vibrant spirit
  • HRS is formal yet flexible
  • HRS office space painted and decorated by the in-house team
  • HRS is Highly disruptive and allows a lot of bonding
  • Happy teams deliver great results

HRipple Solutions bouquet of services include,

Recruitment Support –

  • Candidate sourcing and placements across levels and functions
  • Head-hunting
  • Arranging interview drives across India
  • Campus drives
  • Innovative ways of hiring, e.g., Hackathons

HR Outsourcing –

  • Managing end-to-end hr for client companies
  • HR setups
  • Policies and procedures, employee life cycle management, PMS, KRAs, culture setups
  • HR communication (inclusive of letter formats)
  • Operational and strategic HR

Training and OD –

  • Customized training and development modules and delivery
  • Culture, vision and policy decks
  • Employee engagement
  • OD interventions
  • Employment and climate surveys

Payroll and Compliance –

  • Manpower budgeting
  • Creating employee salary break-up structures
  • Compliance set-ups
  • Setting up attendance and leave rules
  • Monthly payroll processes

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