Priti Kanth Lal – Capturing the Festival of Life

Priti Kanth Lal | Owner & Founder | Marrygold Films
Priti Kanth Lal | Owner & Founder | Marrygold Films

Wedding and motherhood are the two biggest festivals in people’s lives. One where you get a companion for a lifetime and the second where you create a life.

Thus, when Romus and Jaya, from Patna, Bihar, decided to outsource their wedding photography to Marrygold films, little did they expect besides the usual stock and hold pictures like all the other wedding photographers.

“But One look at the final pictures of my wedding, I knew I had made the best decision in booking Marrygold Films and their team for my wedding,” said Jaya, the happy bride. Right from the Mehndi Ceremony to the actual event, everything was carried out in a timely, professional manner. They captured every emotion, every second beautifully, and the highlight video was truly amazing, says Jaya.

“Once we had everything finalised, our photographs were one of the few things we didn’t have to worry about. At any moment, their team was ready for the best photo and covered each moment beautifully,” divulged both Jaya and Romus.

Priti Kanth Lal, the Founder of Marrygold Films, with her team, is very innovative and very accommodating. The team is always on the lookout for some very natural and candid shots in addition to the typical wedding photographs.

While Romus found them always around him whenever he required them to click something on his wedding day, he was amazed at how much more they had covered when he saw the photos after his wedding. They covered the event with a smile that egged him and his bride to keep smiling without being pushy. They are modern and do not really force the passé and typical Indian wedding poses. Romus also loved the short teaser video they made – the best scenes, very beautifully captured.

He loved the customised deliverables as well. Romus says that he will strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to create and preserve a lifetime of memories. Great job!

In his gratitude, Romus says that his words cannot even explain the respect and appreciation for Priti and her team and their work.

“A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work,” said Priti Kanth Lal – Founder and Owner of The Pink Lillies.

Capturing the Essence of Motherhood

Photography has been her passion all her life. After her Graduation and an M.B.A in insurance, she had a very plush job, but the artist in her had a strong urge to create something. She did not know how she would go about it, but the urge found an outlet through her photography, a childhood hobby.

She still has the first memories of a Yashica point and shoot camera, which she would keep carrying and clicking pictures at the drop of a hat. So, she decided to take photography more seriously, got a photography degree, and, to cut a long story short, started her own company by the name of Marrygold Films. And got into wedding photography and films, and it is based out of Patna. Thus began her journey as a professional photographer.

The idea of The Pink Lillies came as a natural progression. Most of her clients whose wedding she would shoot – like Romus and Jaya – would approach her for a maternity or a newborn shoot.

Doing those shoots made Priti realise the beauty and importance of capturing those emotions of a mother to be or those cute expressions of a newborn child. It’s magical to be able to capture those life-changing moments for someone so that they can look at the pictures and cherish them for their lifetime.

The Newborn Magic

That is how The Pink Lillies came into existence, and it is fully dedicated to doing only newborn and maternity shoots in Patna.

Priti is personally involved in all the aspects of the shoot – from creating backdrops, stitching props, designing clothes, styling, and every other detail.

When the team of Insights Success asked Priti why someone should invest in professional newborn kids and baby photoshoots, she said that newborn babies are the cutest and most precious. You really would not want to miss those curled up, sleepy shots of those little bundle of joys.

Of course, anyone would get the images themselves from their mobile or DSLR. Well, they certainly can go over Pinterest, look up some shots and try to get them. But most of the time, they would be disappointed with the results.

According to Priti, a professional newborn photographer brings certain expertise and is well-versed in posing and handling the baby during the shoot. Hence, the clients will get some super shots and would not mind paying them professionals if one looks at the amount of time and energy, they put in at The Pink Lillies just to get that perfect shot.

Or, in the words of Raj Tilak and Puja, another of Marrygold Films and The Pink Lillies satisfied clients, at both of the firms, one will get truly professional photography and value for money.

Priti and her team understand the moment’s importance and capture them with full zeal. Loved their work ethics and dedication. They create beautiful candid moments, says the happy client.

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