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Anand Shrikhande ,CEO, Quickinsure Insurance Brokers | Insights Success | Business Magazine

The Indian insurance sector plays a dominant role in today’s economy as it maximizes the savings and secures the future of the citizens. Also, the sector is a major contributor to the capital market and has a decent share in contributing to the GDP. Over the last decade, there has been a rapid growth in the insurance sector with the advent of private players and foreign investments in India.
Quickinsure Insurance Brokers Private Limited is one such premier entity that has designed an online insurance comparison platform ‘Quickinsure.co.in’ that stands as one of the pioneers in comparing General Insurance Products. It also has an offline sales force using state- of-the-art technology to help customers compare and choose from the basket of Insurers in India. Established in 2016, this platform enables the insurance agents to source quotations from multiple insurance companies within a quick time and offer the best-suited options to the customers. By simplifying the agent’s process of business and connecting them to the customers in a hyper-personalized manner, Quickinsure has evolved as the preferred technology partner for the agents.
The application is built on a stringent platform that ensures complete security while buying insurance in a safe online mode as the payment is directly made to the Insurance Company. The application caters to insurance related to two & four wheelers, health, travel, and personal accident covers. Envisioning being the leaders in creating an innovative insurance platform by embracing cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Quickinsure has gained the trust of its business partners through its best and transparent business practices. As the insurance market is so widely spread, the entity has a proficient R&D team that assists to focus on the upcoming opportunities and tap the unexplored territories.
The Founder
With over two decades of acumen in sales and distribution across different sectors including FMCG, Anand Shrikhande is the CEO of Quickinsure. He is skilled in Business Process, Business process improvement, Business Development, Developing sales and distribution network, Implementing Business Strategy, and Strategic Management. Anand started his professional career at Amul that gave him a fine understanding of a large-scale enterprise. Before entering the insurance sector in 2008, he has worked closely in the financial services sectors. While managing a retail general insurance business on a tele-calling module, he noticed a gap in the process-flow that was obstructing to increase the scale of business, and this led to a spark that later formulated as Quickinsure. Anand cracked an innovative concept of having a simple platform for agents that were unheard until the time.
Online Insurance Industry: Game Changer
The Internet has been the fuel that has helped countless businesses and different industries to expand their horizons in the new decade. Like every other industry, the insurance sector has undergone an immense overhaul because of technical innovations in recent years. While one aspect of tech innovation revolves around innovations in the internal business process, systems, decision making and simplification of processes of the insurance companies, the other revolves around customer-facing technology.
The Indian online insurance industry has steadily progressed and today it has transformed into a complete online market. With IRDA allowing insurance brokers to have agents working for them, a new era has started in the insurance sector. Although the pioneers of this industry have struggled in the initial days to bring grab the attention of the online customers, today the scenario is completely reformed. Having an online presence ensures prosperity for an insurance broker and compliments the other business channels.
Eyeing the opportunity to deliver its innovative solution to the masses, it was a conscious decision to steadily build a property insurance website that was aimed to boost the simplicity alongside enjoying the trust of customers. As broker’s works with multiple insurance companies along with their agents, aligning them to an online platform has bought in a higher degree of efficiency with more output that has ultimately helped to simplify the entire process. The application from Quickinsure offers seamless management of insurance business from one single platform nullifying the current need of an agent for working directly with insurance companies.
The Success Path
With over 3 million registered agents in the country, Quickinsure is empowering the agents with technology that enables them to scale their business in an utmost manner. Since an individual insurance company can’t implement this as it deals with its own products and services, Quickinsure stands out to be a winner as it deals with multiple insurance companies and their products.
The private insurance industry is going through the best of times and has set the right trajectory of growth for the upcoming years. Going with the current trends, the future will witness the emergence of small players with innovative products having leaner business models. Also, there would be good scope for startups that will emerge with specific need-based products majorly driven by private participation.

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