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“We believe the economy and social structure directly relate to the living and Ajmera keeps that in mind, always.”

Rajnikant Ajmera: The Forerunner of the Real Estate Renaissance in India

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”-George A. Moore
Home is the only place where the entire universe gets unified for us. Thus owning the perfect home is the dream of every individual. Real estate is a business which is above the profit and services in general. It is something that is truly too close to the soul of its customers as it comes with the reality of the ‘dream humble abode’. A dream home or a long-awaited business establishment ….
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The 10 Most Admired Real Estate Tycoons December2018

Manoj Agarwal: Redefining Trust in Real Estate

A home has a lot of emotions attached to it. It’s a place where a person spends a larger part of his/her life and has memories attached to every nook and corner. Deciding to...

Rahul Chawla: Seizing Opportunities to Develop Seamless Real Estate Solutions

When a business grows, it doesn’t grow in just one direction. There are many other fields and services that get impacted. Moreover, the sector’s own needs change and it needs services from other sectors...

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The NBFC Real Estate Crisis – What, Why and What Next?

NBFCs account for over 50% of total developer financing - close to INR 4 trillion in FY2018 Real estate has already exhausted over 75% of available credit Consolidation of not only developers but...

RERA Deployment – Still Thin, But Complaints Galore!

More than a year and a half after the deployment of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), it is evident that the Centre’s aim to have it enforced in each state to regulate the...

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Ingredients of a Sustainable Home

‘Go Green’, ‘Eco-Friendly Homes’, ‘Sustainable Living’ are not just the buzzwords or lifestyle in vogue. While our forefathers lived in harmony with nature, the current generation needs to bring nature to their living spaces...

Through the Looking Glass

Green Cement: The Construction Choice of Tomorrow

Construction is a part of a growing economically emerging country like India. Every day new buildings and roads are being constructed and the key to all this construction is a powdered grey coloured binder...