Richa Dhall: An Inspired Choice Ensuring Reliability

Richa Dhall Chadha | Founder | The DM Company
Richa Dhall Chadha | Founder | The DM Company

Why is digital marketing important for any business?

The answer to this question can be found just by looking around you. How many electronic devices can you see?

The chances are that you are reading this on a laptop or mobile, and there are probably a few other devices that can connect to the internet within easy reach. Think of how you consume information yourself and even share information with colleagues, friends, and family.

Being online and connected has transformed the way we buy things and how we find out about developments and innovations that happen globally.

Being readily online, at almost any time—is one of the reasons digital marketing has transformed how businesses promote and market their products and services.

Digital marketing ensures reliability compared with traditional marketing – measurability, affordability, speed, and engagement. Digital marketing has opened up the arena of marketing to smaller and medium-sized firms worldwide, putting them onto a level playing field with more giant corporates through its affordability.

Moreover, Digital marketing brings a dynamic edge to promoting yourself in a fast-paced world.

As the web evolves, your business must adapt to meet those changes. The best way to adjust is by adopting a digital marketing campaign. A solid online marketing campaign will help your company obtain more valuable leads and sales, plus increase conversions.

This is where The DM Company excels in the limelight with impeccable digital marketing services enabling your business’s robust growth and efficient success rate.

The DM Company, organized by an exemplary leadership of Richa Dhall, Founder—offers a complete marketing package and works on moral ethics with professionalism and trustworthy services with a personalized focus for its clients.

The Commencement

The DM Company came into existence in April 2018, and like any other digital marketing company, Richa started with a plan to aim for projects from the big fishes in the business.

With several years of experience to back Richa, she started this consultancy as a One-Women setup, taking care of customer servicing, digital marketing planning, execution, analysis, reporting, SEO, blog writing, visual designing, online reputation management, and whatnot.

The business was building and with a personalized focus on the projects, she was getting business through word-of-mouth.

But soon, the tides turned, and business started floating through tough waters as COVID 19 struck the world, and she went out of business for the first few months of the lockdown as everybody was struggling to survive that time.

Richa worked closely and successfully with many businesses that had to shut down due to sudden unforeseen situations. However, she gradually started getting business as she always believed in making healthy business relationships, not just business connections.

2019 was challenging for every business. By the mid of 2019, the Digital Marketing niche experienced a Boom, and everyone suddenly wanted to hire people who could help with digital marketing. Still, most people contacting Richa asked to cut rates or work on a commission basis.

The businesses were out of money and started collaborating with individuals who could not afford much spending on paid marketing. This is where Richa realized her niche.

Since then, she has been working with small to well-established businesses and has been getting results for her clients through organic as well as paid modes of marketing.

Today the company is a team of six working on small-scale to large-scale projects, and they are providing the best and most trustworthy services.

Ensuring Reliability

The DM Company is an exhaustive Digital Marketing Consultation that helps startups, small businesses, and established brands to achieve reach and leads in the line of product/service.

The company is a complete solution destination for businesses and organizations to efficiently execute the design, marketing, content, and development.

The DM Company believes in sturdy growth when it comes to business and oversees it as a two-way road to knowledge sharing.

The company and its team believe in its knowledge—comprehending the fundamentals of the marketing world and never stops from upgrading its skills to stay ahead of the race.

A Spark to do Things

Richa has always been fascinated with the fantastic marketing work done by companies and individuals since she remembers.

Richa collected paper pamphlets of any company that she thought looked good and had an entire file for it. TV ads, newspaper ads and banners used to be her favorite thing to look at in her free time.

Richa believes that this is where she wanted to venture into the marketing space. She is an MSc IT/ BCA Graduate with a master’s degree in MBA Marketing, making it the perfect job for Richa.

Surmounting the Adversities

Being a woman in any business is a challenge in itself. Only when people work with you do they trust your judgements and give you the respect you deserve.

Richa’s challenges took a huge step up with COVID 19 pandemic. Making people trust someone became a lot more challenging.

Sharing the USPs of The DM Company, Richa Expressed, “I believe our USP is to be able to adapt to the client’s requirements and deliver results every time.”

“We have not kept any minimum budgets for taking up work because we believe that each product and service has a potential buyer; the only thing is to figure out how to reach them without spending too much (not always easy, though),” she added.

Each business is different, and digital marketing is not the same for anyone.

But the feedback Richa received from her new, as well as returning clients, had a few points that the company banks on:

  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Fresh designs
  • Personalized focus
  • Highly Professional

Exploring the Pearls of Wisdom

As an advice for the budding aspirants, Richa shared, “It takes time for good things to come through; all you need is trust in your skills/ knowledge and some patience.”

The pandemic has reminded us that life is ever-changing and business. Learn to ride the wave and build lasting business relationships because trust is the hardest to earn and the easiest to lose.

With this thought in mind, Richa envisions her organization working with some high-quality brands with new products and services so that she can get a chance to explore the new ways of marketing and creating new audience segments.

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