Rachana Upadhyay – Where there is Her Will, there is a Way

Rachana Upadhyay | md | manaswin edu con pvt. ltd.
Rachana Upadhyay | md | manaswin edu con pvt. ltd.

Leading a life in your own way is always a challenge. Without a determined will, it becomes impossible to follow your path. Otherwise, life keeps pulling you in wayward directions.

But like Shakespeare’s famous adage ‘to be or not to be is the only question’, while living your life on your own terms, the one question which keeps nagging the indomitable will is ‘am I right or am I wrong?’

Follow your heart, though it is in left, but always right,’ says Rachana Upadhyay, the Google certified trainer and the Founder of one of the best IT training institutes in the Valsad district, that is Manaswin Educon Private Limited, and New Nict Computer Education.

And that is why she is Insights Success’ current edition ‘The Women Owning the Business Arena’s apt choice. Today, her institute has five franchisee centres across Gujarat and over forty-five industry-relevant courses in the IT field.

With the help of its state-of-the-art faculty, curriculum, training dedication and management, the institute has trained over 10000+ students until now. New Nict Computer Education has built trust and brand since 2009; the fourteen-year-old trusted brand keeps trainee’s career in mind and loyalty at the core of its values.

However, her entrepreneurship journey started with one computer at home and a strong growth mindset and vision. She was a mother of two when she began this; one was five years old, and the other was one month old.

Within five months, she launched a commercial centre, and it grew rapidly, taking others who joined her on this journey to great heights of success and work satisfaction.

Aiming for the Supremacy

Her life journey describes how passionate she is. She grew up in Mumbai with humble beginnings. Her mother, a single parent, raised her and two of her siblings. Things were not easy for her growing up, but she never gave up and always aimed high. She always kept learning new things and had a strong ambition for her future regardless of the situation she was going through.

She started working part-time as a cashier at the mere age of fifteen. She managed this job along with her full-time schooling. On vacations, she used to work full time in the same firm. And slowly, in the span of three years, she worked her way to being an accountant. She now managed this with her full-time college.

Taming the Storms

However, she had always been interested in computers which were newly introduced in India at that time. Hence, she changed her job and started working at a computer institute as an accountant. She also learned about computers and eventually took a teacher’s role in the same institute. The institute then opened a branch, and she entirely managed it independently.

She has been passionate about computers since an early age. This incident describes her commitment and dedication with passion.

Here is her interesting story: When Rachana was in her seventh grade, computer subject was introduced into her school for the first time, and there was a rule that only the top three students in a grade would be allowed to take up the subject. Being an average student, she worked extremely hard and secured the third rank. She was the happiest little girl when she knew that she would be able to take up Computers as a subject.

Augmenting Her Will, Inventing Her Way

The company’s mission roots are from Rachana’s own life experiences, which taught her life’s biggest lesson, ‘where there is a will, there is a way,’ which she still follows to the core.

The institute has inculcated and nurtured students’ skills, thereby enabling students to have impactful careers in the field of Information Technology (IT). Her franchisee model also focuses explicitly on women who are looking to make a meaningful career for themselves and a source of income for their families.

She continues to inspire everyone around her, including her family, friends, and employees. She attributes her success to her mother, who was a strong role model to her in tough times and taught her to believe in herself.

She also attributes her success to her husband, who has been extremely supportive and encouraging. She believes that behind every successful woman is a supportive husband. Lastly, she also attributes her success to her two kids, who have been her strength as she kept moving forward in her journey.

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