Rishika Inamdar: Enhancing your Brand Value

Rishika Inamdar| OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services
Rishika Inamdar | Founder | Chief Virtual Assistant | OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services

What you see is what you get. You might be a great entrepreneur, but if no one knows about you, it won’t make a difference. Helping people build themselves as brand and enhance their visibility on the network is Rishika Inamdar, Founder & Chief Virtual Assistant, OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services. Here’s how she does what she does.

Take our reader through your professional journey?

I am an entrepreneur with a unique service module that has led me to merge my organisational skills with a creative bent of mind to serve you as a Personal Brand Catalyst. I am India’s First Virtual Assistant, featured among 35 “Women Entrepreneurs – 2020” on Insights Success and known to make a hero out of professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches. I help people to learn to identify, promote and enhance themselves as a brand.

I come with over 25 years of corporate experience. Through my venture, OfficeCraft I manage the most happening accounts on LinkedIn where I revamp profiles & help thought leaders, entrepreneurs & influencers in building relationships and increasing daily traction on LinkedIn.

What were the roadblocks or challenges you faced throughout your career? And how did you overcome them?

When I brought the concept of “Virtual Assistance” to India a decade ago, I didn’t have much takers. The concept of having someone to assist your operational tasks remotely needed to first be educated upon. In India we are close to believing that everything is tangible, efforts, data, growth, competition, everything. Organisations are not as result driven as much as they are task driven. Corporates need to see you working round-the-clock to validate if you are hard-working. My initial challenge was to make them ‘see’ the benefits of working with someone who ‘remotely’ manages their offices, without having to pay for overhead costs or being worried about a resource claiming employee benefits’.

The First Mover’s Advantage, didn’t work in my case for the longest period of time. Even if there were tasks assigned, I was considered more of a freelancer, than an Entrepreneur, until I registered myself at the MSME and began to work on my Personal Branding on LinkedIn. Soon I gathered the nuances and dug deep into providing services to individuals rather than small medium companies. I created ideal packages for aspiring entrepreneurs first with their business plans, and gradually increasing value added options like email and diary management, event coordination and generating leads on LinkedIn. Soon enough I began to build credibility with start-ups and trainers.

What is your philosophy of efficient leadership?

Leadership covers several aspects of relationship building; first with oneself. As a leader one ought to innately practice ‘being watched’, it’s the primary element of being conscious in a progressive thought process.

‘Leadership’ is an intangible bond created within a team, but as a team member through selfless yet goal-oriented actions where one earns the regard and respect as a ‘doer’. Leadership is motivation through action.

Do you think organizations must have a balanced gender ratio in leadership positions? Why?

I honestly feel organisation should not be gender biased in the first place. The roles and responsibility must be based on merit. Leadership roles across every sector in the world: corporate, nonprofit, government, education, medicine, military would be more favourable when we break stereotypical barriers.

There are enough psychometric tests today, that can read how an individual will perform in a given role. It’s best to rely on assessments that indicate competencies, emotional intelligence and endurance, critical thinking, assertiveness, resourcefulness, etc required for a particular leadership function.

What is your company/profession all about?

OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant services helps entrepreneurs & professionals build their Personal Brand optimising their digital presence to generate leads and increase traction within their network, creating consistent lasting impressions and build valued relationships. OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services is driven by the honed penchant for Personal Branding, Corporate Communication, Project Management, Event Coordination whilst enhancing Operational Efficiency for Small & Medium Enterprises.

What is your vision for your company/yourself and your core values (for company)?

Integrity, Competency and Credibility are the adage and core values of OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant services. As India’s First Virtual Assistant, I am successful in creating a proficient service model that is time-saving, costeffective and facilitates accelerating growth for emanating entrepreneurs. OfficeCraft Virtual Assistant Services envisions growing as integral and reliable operating partners and aiding in making today’s Small & Medium Enterprises – tomorrows’ Global Ventures.

What are your future endeavors/objectives and where do you see yourself in the near future?

The year 2020 has given me a chance to rise above my own expectations and create a credible outreach.

I see myself now taking up additional role of a mentor to several who aspire to be Virtual Assistants today, thanks to the growing demand of work-from-home and digital transitions. I have already launched my flagship program this year and wish see more enrollments in upcoming programs.

I intend to write and publish my second book by 2021 and also hopefully establish my brand as a leading solution and service provider, now that people know that Virtual is Real.


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