Pooja Gupta: A Perfect Blend of Social Entrepreneurship and Ingenious Mindset

Nimbark | Himalaya Bio Organic
Pooja Gupta, Founder, Nimbark

It is certainly an entrepreneurial mindset that could create an opportunity after identifying the gap in the market while serving humanity and also creating opportunities for others. The story of Himalaya Bio-organic Foods Pvt Ltd is a striking instance of this.

Till last four-five years, most among people were not aware of the availability of organic food products in J&K. The organic products used to be imported from outside J&K, which were usually unaffordable for middleclass families and their authenticity, sometimes was doubtful. With a vision to develop a business which will not only cater to consumers’ requirements for authentic organic food on affordable prices but also provide employment to thousands of local farmers, Pooja Gupta took an initiative to launch Nimbark brand with a complete range of Organic kitchen, grocery as well as health products under Himalaya Bio Organic Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of famous Sarveshwar Foods.

Pooja Gupta belongs to a very religious family which believes in spirituality and a “SATVIK” lifestyle. The day starts with paying obeisance to Lord Krishna; food is first offered to Lord Krishna and then eaten by all family members like Prasadam. Pooja was inspired by her father in law Sh. Suraj Prakash Gupta, a pure & religious soul and her husband Sh. Rohit Gupta, chairman of Sarveshwar Foods Ltd to form this brand. “NIMBARK” became a famous brand not only in both capital cities of J&K but also in states like Punjab, Delhi and Mumbai. NIMBARK Organic food products are manufactured and tested in labs keeping in view strict norms of USDA, Indian Organics, Apeda etc.

A Brand that reflects SATVIK Lifestyle

Himalayan Bio Organic Foods Pvt Ltd. is a sister concern of Sarveshwar Foods Limited. Today, the fourth generation carries on the family heritage by using eco-positive farming methods that produce wholesome, healthful products while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

With over 100 years of experience in sourcing and processing of Rice, Sarveshwar has introduced Nimbark Organic Products from the virgin lands of Jammu & Kashmir in India. The core pillars of the group are the quality, authenticity, and purity of its products that set it apart, as a reliable organic product manufacturer.

The team at NIMBARK believes in spreading positive and pure energy and the philosophy of “SATVIK” conscious lifestyle. It has its lands in the foothills of Himalayas and its produce is nourished by fertile mineral-rich soil, organic manure and snow melted waters of river Chenab, without the use of artificial fertilizers and chemicals which are then sold through a household brand name NIMBARK. Each of the products is hygienically processed and packed and undergoes multiple rounds of quality assurance to retain its natural essence and freshness throughout the shelf life. The company has a wide range of Organic Grocery foods Products which include Organic Flour, Organic Rice, Organic Pulses, Organic Spices, Super Foods, Organic Dry Fruits, Organic Saffron, Organic Ready to Eat Snacks and Organic Cereals etc. Nimbark Products are the ultimate blend of taste, aroma and purity cultivated under the strict supervision of experts and after following good agriculture practices. Its products are undoubtedly the mark of superiority and sanctity because Nimbark believes in nurturing the relationship that will last forever.

A Home Maker Turned Entrepreneur

In the initial stages, Pooja faced a lot of challenges since she was a homemaker turned into women entrepreneur. She had to face many hurdles number of times, but they just made her bold and strong to overcome them. She works with a pure heart for the well-being of humanity and believes that there is a superpower to help her in this endeavour.

An Idea of Efficient Leadership

Known for her simplicity and an ever-smiling face, Pooja handles her business and social responsibilities in a very sober manner. She started developing clusters of fields, providing them with all technical know-how, awareness and information about Indian Traditional Systems of Agricultural Farming. These rural womenfolk, approximately 10,000 in number, are provided with all Organic inputs by the NIMBARK Organics. Even cost for certification of their land as organic is also born by her. Then, marketing facilities are provided after proper testing, packaging and labelling. Apart from this, Pooja periodically interacts with rural womenfolk to listen to their other problems, if any, and she is always ready to extend her helping hand to those needy once. She is loved by all her employees like an elder sister. Each of her employees works with full passion & dedication and is treated as a family member.

Gender Diverse Workforce is Must

Pooja firmly believes that organizations must have a balanced gender ratio in leadership positions as having gender diverse policies in place can boost the positivity and overall atmosphere of an office. It becomes a space in which individuals can communicate their ambitions resulting in job satisfaction and an increase in motivation.

In most businesses, there is a customer base from different backgrounds. Having both women and men as prominent figures in the company will ensure effective communication and engagement with customers and clients, really helping businesses to stand out from competitors. Moreover, a gender-diverse workforce also provides easier access to resources, such as various sources of credit, multiple sources of information, and wider industry knowledge.

Dedicated to Serve Humanity

Pooja believes in moving ahead in her life with a strong determination to serve humanity. Her ideologies, the attitude of giving back to the community, and the way of building relationships make her believe that she is in the direction of her aim of becoming India’s Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneur soon. www.nimbarkfoods.com

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