Pooja Singh: Striving to Provide Quality Optometric Solution

Pooja Singh, Consulant Optometrist and Business Development Manager, Resolution

Did you know that those comfortable contact lenses that you wear to see this amazing world clearly was ideated by Leonardo Da Vinci in late 1500s? While his idea was not the exact ways today’s lenses are but it did set the ball rolling to find a way, we could wear vision correction devices.

Optometry sure has come a long way since. Today lenses are worn not just for vision correction purposes but aesthetics as well. Consulant Optometrist and Business Development Manager at Resolution, Pooja Singh shares the way she sees the field.

Take our reader through your professional journey?

I have been practicing as a Consultant Optometrist for Speciality contact lenses in Delhi NCR since 2010. I completed graduation in optometry from AIIMS New Delhi and have also worked at AIIMS as Consultant Optometrist for contact lens department for period of seven years.I have been a trainer and educator for speciality lenses and spoke at various national conferences as an Instructor and have been a Co educator of Menicon since 2013 for Rosek2 lenses in India for North.

Till date have examined and seen over eight hundred contact lenses patients. Recently compiled a book as a compiler (peer review) on innovations in Tele optometry. I have been Nominated as Optometry Diva by United States Optometry Diva in 2020 in April.
I also am the first woman optometrist practicing in India nominated for Optometry Diva
Listed among the globally empowered optometrist women working for improving the quality of eye care by Vision stryt Africa and eyefricamedia.

What were the roadblocks or challenges you faced throughout your career? And how did you overcome them?

For me challenge was to keep the spirit of growth and progressive development in government job. At one point most people get into comfort zone and stop learning.

And the tough was leaving the government job for career in corporate and private practice
Initially it was tough. But with determination and motivation I was predetermined to prove that if you have a desire to really prove to this works your worth you need to come out of your comfort zone and believe me there were times when only few will support you but you need to keep going. Because that consistency and fire within you will definitely bring the moment where you will start winning.

Last but very important. Keep learning at every moment from everyone. The moment you start letting this thought inside your head that I know it all that’s the start of decay of your thoughts which earlier inspired you to explore.

What is your philosophy of efficient leadership?

For Effective leadership I believe on empowering people around you.
For empowerment it’s about trusting them training them without the bossiness and at the same time learning from them.
Motivating them to go further and explore.

Do you think organizations must have a balanced gender ratio in leadership positions? Why?

If you ask me, I really feel that women are going well and doing good in all field. They are working hard because they know that the competitors are strong.
But the moment we start giving them free or reserve seats definitely few will be happy but that won’t be fair enough in longer run for hard working woman who can easily get it on merit.
Because we as a woman will fight evenly if need be and grab the opportunity by working hard rather than taking it because simply, we are women and we have to be there to fill seats.

What is your company/profession all about?

I am working in the company named Resolution as Business Development Manager since September 2019 in New Delhi.
This company has been dealing with distribution of World most hit brand speciality lenses called Rosek lenses since 2011 for North South and East india.
Rosek lenses have been a miracle for those patients who were struggling with hard contact lenses because of poor vision due to cornea irregularities.
All the leading eye care hospital and institutions are doing it and so many patients have been using it since a decade now all around the world.
Job is ultimately satisfying if you are able to provide a quality vision to patient who earlier could never see by glasses or even after surgery, they need contact lenses for vision rehabilitation.

What is your vision for your company/yourself and your core values (for company)?

My vision is to train and educate young professionals, doctors, optometrist across India about the Rosek lenses and fitting to all.
I don’t want these speciality lenses to be confined to few hospitals.
My aim is to teach every professional learning to fit speciality lenses for irregular cornea patients.

What are your future endeavors/objectives and where do you see yourself in the near future?

At present I would be looking forward to continue it for more years and continuously work for improving the quality and patient care.

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