Rubina Qureshi: The Quintessential Empresses of Everything Royalty

Rubina Qureshi
Rubina Qureshi

There are some cultures in the history of civilization which left their own distinct global mark on the coming generations’ minds and made a legendary space in our modern generation’s hearts. One of the frontrunners is the Mughal Era.

As soon as one said it, what comes in front of our eyes is the immaculately and artistically stylized royal palaces, with grandeur in every aspect of luxurious living, opulent spaces, colourful, silky, most comfortable and eternal Islamic fashions and a magnificent sense of extravagance in each element and every ounce of décor, be it the gardens, be it the simple living homes of commoners, be it the perfectly carved religious places, or be it simple lively things like timelessly crafted furniture of all kinds. That era was as inventive in tranquillity as creative in perpetuity.

Though the era is not bygone, outside certain geographies its popularity was waning until came Rubina Qureshi, the quintessential empresses of everything royalty and the Director of ZR Luxury Homes, a window to that past, and a platform to bring back the serenity of that sensational nostalgia into our living spaces and giving us the utmost feeling of kingly indulgence. And the most important part is that Rubina is doing all this independently, resolutely and for ages.

An Indomitable Waterfall of Willpower

Since her childhood days, Rubina is a strong-willed lady with an ardent desire to prove herself and do everything on her own. In her own words, Rubina expresses, “I am a girl who has always believed in being independent and hence started working at the age of 15 by doing online marketing. I started with the export of an Islamic clothing range. Now I own my brand of clothing as well as luxury furniture known as ZR Luxury Homes, having a reputed name all over the Gulf.”

While someone reading this might be thinking that Rubina could not do this without support from someone or that her family might be having some kind of role in her achievements. Then she says, “I am solely responsible for my achievements and I had a solid reason to bring up and buy my son a good education and lifestyle as a single mother,” to break up those misconceived notions.

Bringing Back the Mughal Art

When asked what her ultimate aim in this profession is and how had she carved her own novel path, Rubina shared, “I aim to make every product that a designer can think of, which led me to set up my manufacturing. If you will look across this industry you will not find another woman who owns not only her own shop but an entire manufacturing facility. It is something unheard of.”

Although Rubina had to go through a lot of tough times, eventually she found her way and established herself and ZR Luxury homes. When we probed Rubina about her inspiration to enter into this field of industry, she answered that the idea of making Mughal art known worldwide and letting all royals have the modern version of the Mughal era in their luxury way is intriguing. 

An Ever Glittering Gemstone

In such cut-throat competition in this industry, Rubina feels that the personification and exclusivity they offer to their clients make their service offerings exceptional. She reveals that at ZR Luxury Homes, she creates their designs by having a team of interior and furniture designers make them as per the requirements and budget of the client, yet exclusively for them.

Rubina’s achievements in this industry are many and more than impressive. Sharing them with us she divulges, “We have been one of the first to bring Italian techniques of the lost wax casting of brass to India and trained our labour to make it competitive in the Italian market. We, being overseas, have given a competition to the Gulf designers and have done more than 30 projects for the royal families based in the Gulf in the past two years.”

Leaping over the Boundaries

Rubina says that each day is a new challenge and facing them innovatively she never feels tedious. She always stays self-driven and motivated towards matching the expectations of all of her clients at ZR Luxury Homes. She further says that it is always a challenge to make and export handcrafted, fragile items and large furniture overseas, but they always managed to make safe deliveries, making their clients happy. “Client satisfaction is the key that keeps us moving forward with the new challenges we face,” Rubina conveys.

Exploring the Future Horizons

Regarding her hobbies and specific interests other than her profession, Rubina states, “I love going karting, paragliding, and all kinds of adventures, and my best hobby is spending time with my kids as much as I can.”

Rubina has achieved so much in such a short period. Yet, she says that there is much more to be achieved. And that she looks forward to the future as a reflection of the past combined with the present.

And as an experienced entrepreneurial leader, her specific advice to the budding aspirants wishing to enter the industry is simple yet profound. Rubina thinks that there are always new challenges no matter what industry it is, but you will never learn how to excel in the field without facing failures.

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